For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved LEGOs. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve naturally drifted away from them because growing up means giving up the things that you loved in your childhood once and for all. Luckily, we have entered an era where it’s more acceptable to love things that used to seen as childish. I attempted to start this project awhile back and it didn’t really go anywhere. I heard from a couple companies. I have yet to write about them because I didn’t have an introductory piece for this category until now. As soon as this post is published, I will begin writing a profile on them right away.

I am not out of my mind enough to believe that I will have a shot at contacting the LEGO corporation. Instead, I will venture off the beaten path to cover the companies that have taken an institution and made it their own. I’m all for the independent creators because I’m part of that group. If I have the chance to reach out to LEGO themselves, I would jump at it in a second. I want to see what’s out there in the world of LEGO. I don’t think I’ve come close to scratching the surface.

Perhaps this category will become more of a look at the world of independent toys. I love LEGOs enough to see what’s in store in this area. Even if means that you have to be subjected to a number of articles of me talking about LEGOs in general, I will do whatever it takes to further my commentary on this topic. I want to explore the sets that were released many years ago. I’m trying to find some of the sets from my childhood. I don’t know if I would ever be able to purchase them. I just want to find out that they still exist.

I’m not the only adult who feels this way about LEGOs. I want to tap into collector networks and see what everyone is talking about. Maybe I could get into a program where I would receive the new sets before they hit the market. I’m intrigued by all of it. I look forward to going on this journey. If you want to join me, please do. If you have any tips, send them to me right away at Any guidance in this world would be greatly appreciated.