Introducing I Would Love It If

Pimp My Ride: I Would Love It If #1

I’ve had many things I’ve wanted, but thought were ridiculous dreams. I made a resolution to not let my doubts about the odds I attach to my dreams get in the way of me putting them out into the world. I want this to be the year that I take my creative endeavors to the next level. The only way I can make that happen is to pursue everything that pops into my head. If it fizzles, I’m not worried. As long as I put forth a concerted effort to make it happen, I will be pleased with the end result.

I often bounce ideas around in my head. They bounce and bounce until I decide to do something with them. Some of my ideas are best not verbalized to other people for fear of them hearing the unfinished version of what I’m putting forth. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to start things and never finish them. While I’m working on one idea, another one comes along and sweeps me away. I can’t guarantee that this series will make it so that doesn’t happen anymore.  What I can guarantee is that I will work towards turning these ideas into more complete initiatives.

I would say that I have good luck with turning stuff I’ve written about into a reality. The process of writing an article allows me to see things from all angles. I am not one for planning out what I write; however, my writings help when I go to turn them into something else. They act as a brochure I can present to whoever is interested in doing business with me. I continue to revisit these ideas as I acquire new information, leaving the previous versions up to showcase the evolution of my thought process.

Everyone feels like they are entitled to what they want the moment they want it. This is called instant gratification. I have the same feelings, but I know full well that I have to work for the things that I want. Sometimes a framework needs to be laid down on which I will lay down all the specifics of the projects in question. The first part of a project will have its own post with each subsequent post being a subsection. Eventually, I will come up with comprehensive versions of these posts as a means to condense the best of the best of the information I’ve compiled.

Who knows what this project will look like when it gets off the ground. It will not be as organized as some of the other things I’ve started. This category will be a catch all for the ideas that don’t fit into any other category. It might be messy. At some point, the end result will be a series of ideas that can become categories of their own. Until then, it will be bits and pieces I will hopefully stitch together into something meaningful. I don’t know how long that will take, but I’ll work towards that goal.