Thailand Unique Review

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I don’t know how I heard about edible insects, but when I did, I knew that I had to try them somehow. I looked for companies that sold them and found Thailand Unique. Getting in touch with them was a bit of a challenge; however, they finally got back to me, saying they would send samples of four different crispy critters they carried. I waited and waited until I received verification that they had been shipped. Due to the distance between Thailand and where I live, it took a bit of time before their package arrived on my doorstep. I was so excited when I went to the mail and pulled out their box though.

If you’re reading this article and wondering whether I’ve lost my mind, hear me out. I am a person who is curious about everything in the world. In the case of food, I have to try it before I dismiss it from my diet once and for all. It took me a minute to try what Thailand Unique sent me. This delay wasn’t the result of apprehension, but rather resistance from the people with whom I live. They were not hip to the idea of me eating dehydrated bugs, so I had to wait for the perfect moment when I had the house all to myself.

In their package, I got armored tail scorpions, small crickets, bamboo worms, and silk worms. First, I tried the small crickets and then I went for the armored tail scorpions and bamboo worms, respectively. All I could taste was a little bit of salt and all the texture that goes with each bug. I didn’t mind it. At first, I was thrown off by all of it, but I wanted to proceed for the purpose of this review. I refuse to chicken out and dismiss something just because of misguided first impressions.

After thinking about the bugs from Thailand Unique for awhile, I realized that I am not informed about what this company has to offer. Out of their entire inventory, I tried four of their bugs. To get the full scope of what this company is all about, I would need to try all of their products. I never know if a company is willing to enter into such an arrangement until I ask them. I am fully willing to write more about them if they want such a thing.