The Essential Phone Part #4

I can’t help but feel annoyed when I write so much about a product, but I never receive a reply. That’s not what persistence is all about though. A persistent person is faced with these kinds of challenges and doesn’t let them get in their way. They know that they’re not gonna get what they want right away, so they have to keep working at it until they do. In the case of Essential, I have put together several parts thus far and the only reply I received was one message thanking me for my kind words.

I started the series as a way to get the attention of the company that was interesting to me. I still want together their attention. I feel like they’re doing great work and not getting the attention they deserve for it. That doesn’t mean I’m saying that I’m the person that’s going to get them noticed. I just know that if I continue to talk about it someone might come across them and it might start a conversation. You can’t get it so people start talking unless you put the point across that there’s something worth talking about.

Tech reviewers have covered the Essential phone pretty extensively. Anyone who is anyone in this room has talked about this phone. Why am I trying to add my voice to the discussion? This is a question a lot of people asked themselves when they dip their toes into unfamiliar waters. I feel like this is a crazy question. Why not? Why are the people who have cultivated a huge audience reviewing these products the only voices who should be talking about them? If more people talked about technology, perhaps the new products coming on the market wouldn’t seem so intimidating.

I also dislike the fact that audience size is the sole measurement of a reviewer’s worth. A big crowd does command more attention; however, it does not prove that the creator is somehow better at what they do than someone whose audience is smaller. I don’t believe that my articles about Essential are a waste of time. I will continue to write about them until I am able to forge a bond that leads to me discussing their future products as well as the phone known for currently. I want to put down all my thoughts about them and see where things go later on down the line.

What I Want to be as a Technology Content Creator

As someone who consumes a considerable amount of technology related content, I’ve noticed a number of trends. The first being the fact that so many creators in this genre act like they’re solely responsible for the content they’re releasing when really every piece of content is the result of the concerted effort of a team of trained professionals. I’m not faulting people who embrace collaboration to make their content better; however, I feel like they need to be more honest. Don’t create the impression that a piece of content is created by one individual just because they happen to be the focal point. Generate an identity that’s more indicative of the group that’s responsible than an outdated presence that has nothing to do with current realities.

I am a person who is fully invested in whatever I’m creating. I feel weird reaching out to other people to work on content. I worry that I will be reduced to nothing more than a byline at the end of the of the collaborative process. That’s not to say that I will avoid collaborating in the future. I’m saying that the opportunity has to be right. It has to fit within my mission and be conducted with people who share my creative vision. I will never compromise another person’s voice as long as they don’t do that to me. I’ve worked with people in the past who went out of their way to question everything I put on the page, forcing me to twist my words to fit what they wanted.

I love technology and I want to talk about it in a way that makes it more accessible to people who might otherwise be intimidated by new devices. There are so many misconceptions about technology that I want to dispel. I hate the fact that the dialogue about new technology has become so pretentious that nobody wants to get anything other than the most basic, affordable device out there. That needs to change. I believe that any concept can be broken down and simplified to the point where it’s understandable by the masses. It just takes someone who wants to work on their content to make these concepts more appealing on a universal level.

Technology can be a tremendous tool. I feel like it’s being underutilized and stuck in a state where it’s used for nothing but frivolous purposes. Granted, every person has the right to use the devices they purchase however they see fit. At the same time, if millions upon millions of high functioning devices are used for nothing more than basic purposes, I feel like we might as well go back to the olden days where we all had to deal with bricks with buttons. The big issue here is how all tech reviewers present their devices. They do it from an “all specifications all the time,” meaning they read off the box rather than telling you what a device actually does. I believe that every person should get a detailed breakdown of every possible thing their device can do for them.

Trying to Get Help from Casey Neistat

What is the tech review project without tech? It’s nothing more than a guy drooling on the window while he’s window shopping. I could speculate about products until I’m blue in the face. It will forever remain speculation. I have to figure out someway to get the products in front of me, test them out, and then write an informed opinion based on my experience. I don’t know how to make that happen considering how much the products usually cost these days. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that I have the ability to cover any and every product that I think would be of interest to the average user.

This is where the title of the article comes in. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot to learn. In doing so, I plan to talk to as many people as possible in the hopes that their knowledge could provide me with some sort of direction in which I should proceed. The first name that came to mind was Casey Neistat, one of the most savvy, influential voices on YouTube. I will attempt to reach out to him following the publication of this article, knowing full well that the odds of him responding are slim to none. I hope that my eagerness motivates him to lend some sort of guidance.

I firmly believe that there’s a lot of room for collaboration in the sector. So many creators refuse work with their fellow creators for fear that they will lose some sort of footing that they have with their audience. I don’t believe that. I think collaboration benefits audiences regardless of what the creators involved might think. I also believe that all creators should collaborate with each other regardless of the size of their audience or scope of their influence.

They kind of help I’m looking for from Casey involves how to get connected with the most influential people in the technology industry. I get that it probably has a lot to do with how long you’ve been around and how many views that you have or whatever. That doesn’t mean that I’m taking away from Casey’s accomplishments though. He has worked hard to get to where he is today and is well deserving of the position that he has. That’s why I feel like he would have a lot to offer me in this scenario.

To Mr. Neistat, I hope that you read this article and it’s not a waste of your time. I would like to have the opportunity to pick your brain, whether it’s via email or over the phone. My email address is I look forward to the possibility of hearing from you soon. I wish you the best and hope that you’re well. Even if we do not connect, I will remain an avid fan of your content and continue to learn from what it contains.

Apple Needs to Slow it Down

What would you say if I told you that Apple, one of the most popular, profitable corporations in the world, needed to stop releasing products on an annual basis and move to a schedule where they only put out new releases once every other year? You would probably think I was crazy and wrong. That’s what needs to happen though.

Putting out something remarkable every year is quite the grind. You sometimes have to cut corners if things aren’t going as planned. Limiting yourself to such a short timeframe is not a good idea if you want to come out with something that’s of a high-level quality. You have to take the time and do the work necessary to produce greatness.
Apple’s status of the company that’s capable of raking in hundreds of millions of dollars is not In doubt. Being able to make a lot of money off of a product doesn’t necessarily make that product good. It just means that it’s successful. Since their level of name recognition is so high, Apple can do no wrong and eyes of their fans. In reality, they are getting lazy and losing ground to their competitors.

I think that Apple should take all of their product lines and go back to the drawing board. Start over from scratch and see how they can do things better. Slapping a Band-Aid on the same old design year after year is not going to get the job done. Precise action needs to be taken to restore this company‘s reputation for being the best of the best and focusing on nothing but quality.

I recently watched a video that said it best. They said that Apple is like a TV show nearing the end of its run with lazy people steering the ship and quality going down the tubes. Another person vented in frustration at the fact that Apple has become nothing more than a company that slaps products together that are essentially knock offs of what they used to put out. As an Apple user, I couldn’t agree more.

I switched from Androids long ago because I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of them. After looking at several android phones, I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I am unable to rectify that mistake right now, but once I have the resources to do it, I will be switching to android. I will continue to look at the progression of Apple in the hopes that they will stop putting corporate profits over what the people want.

The Essential Phone Part #3

Have you heard about the Essential phone? I’ve written a great deal about it in the past and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. As someone who writes about technology, I feel compelled to cover devices with vision. When I say vision, I mean the strategy of the people who are responsible for creating that device. In Essential, I see a company that’s doing things the right way and for the right reasons. I would gladly heap this praise on any deserving company, but for some reason I continue to stick on Essential.

The signature phone from Essential is getting a bad rap. Rather than taking the time to get to know the device, reviewers are deciding to cast it aside as nothing more than a noteworthy attempt from a scrappy upstart. Every company started out at the back of the pack. Some of them even attempted to create a pack that had not yet been thrust into existence. I feel that it’s remarkable that we want to deal with phones from the same few companies for the rest of eternity. It doesn’t matter that the juggernauts make good products. They’re not going to make them great unless they have a competitor licking at their heels.

All phones started out as the rough draft of an idea that someone thought had a lot of potential. Whether or not that potential was realized is something else entirely. I’m not saying that every product on the market should require us to go out of our way to give it the benefit of the doubt. What I am saying is that there are worse phones than the Essential phone on the market. You can’t rule out the Essential phone unless you rule out the others first. It’s simple.

As time goes on, products have a tendency to get better. Their manufacturers improve their processes and start coming up with ways to push everything forward. Before you know it, you’re holding a phone that exceeds all your expectations. You wouldn’t have gotten to that point if you had decided to blow all the others that came before it off. Each product has a life cycle and during that life cycle there’s a great deal of evolution. This evolution only happens when the manufacturer can rest easy knowing that the public has faith in their products.

I don’t know the first thing about sales figures, let alone how many units Essential is moving. I hope that their sales numbers are high because I want to see what’s coming on one, two, three, or however many years it takes before I know that they’re here to stay. We need more companies that want to make the best products, not more juggernauts that will churn out whatever they want, knowing full well that their adoring public will lap it up like it’s nothing. I’m well aware that my existence is essential to the people who make my phone. I just want to know that it’s true the other way around too.

Knocking at the Door of Micromax Informatics


Rarely do I find a company that knows how to combine the quality of their products with what their customers actually want. I feel like I found that with Micromax Informatics, a scrappy little behemoth out of India. I still do not know about the products themselves because I have yet to try to them. I hope to do so in the future. In the meantime, I will do my best to reach out to anyone who works with them in the hopes that we start some sort of dialog. I believe that the content I want to write will not succeed without involvement from the companies I’m covering.

While these posts might seem repetitive, the motivation behind them is sincere. I want to talk with the best and brightest in the tech industry rather than let my assumptions and preconceived notions rule the day. I am not an expert about technology by any means. That’s why I am putting the word out here trying to tell everyone who’s willing to listen that I’m ready to learn. These posts will stand regardless of how many pieces I publish about technology. This will be done to ensure that people can see the evolution of my knowledge base. Credit will be given to everyone who helps me out along the way.

I am excited at what I’m reading about the products Micromax sells. They seem like they are working on creating some of the highest performing products out there today. I am happy to report that they are selling some of their products on Amazon. I encourage you to check them out for no reason other than to increase their profile around the world. I love it when new companies rise up to become competition for the juggernauts of the industry. I want to hear more people talking about Micromax and I will do whatever I can to make that possible.

I’m not sure that they ship their products to the United States. I’ve found several of their products on various websites. Whether or not they ship worldwide is still unknown. Even if their products are limited to India, I am hoping they will make an exception. I love the potential of their products enough to invest considerable time in covering them. Since their product line is so vast, it would take a while to get to the end of it. I am willing to try.

As tech aficionados, we have to be eager about what’s going on in the world. At any given time, there are many brilliant people working on coming up with new innovations. These people aren’t always located within our borders. Micromax is one of those companies that deserves every bit of your attention. I would love to see for them to become a major player outside of India. I’m not saying that I’m the person to make them a major figure internationally. I will work as hard as I can to turn it into a reality though.

The Essential Phone Part #2


The Essential Phone Part #1

I was shocked to find that the Essential phone was only available in the Sprint store. Granted, you have the opportunity to buy it on the internet. You can buy anything on the internet though. I want to be able to walk into a store and get my hands on the device. Buying something that’s so expensive without knowing how it looks and feels. I am old fashioned. I don’t trust a company unless I’ve had the opportunity to do my due diligence on them. It doesn’t matter what company I’m analyzing. I’m going to do my homework.

Essential is an enigma because I have been unable to get in touch with them. I’ve tried. Like I stated in the first part of this series, but it seems like I will have to wait to hear from them. I’m fine with that. I’m a patient man. A lot of people run into this barrier and throw their hands up in disgust. They feel like their position in society somehow makes them inferior. Rather than sticking to the belief that they deserve to be in the same room as anyone, they give up and sink back into obscurity.

I’ve looked at many of the reviews people have published about the Essential phone and I feel like they have gotten a bad rap. Tech reviewers are unwilling to open their minds and look at devices on a case-by-case basis. The biggest and most powerful companies have established standards that keep the industry from moving forward. People who like to think that they’re informed stick to the mindset that the powers that be want them to have. I get the desire to compare one device to all the others. It’s a temptation that needs to be avoided.

I am not saying that Essential should be given more chances because they’re trying to do something different. They should be given a chance. The people who are in charge of telling the masses which devices they should buy and which ones they should reject should be more responsible with their power. I don’t get why people reject products outright without telling people what they might like about that product. Instead, they stick to what they don’t like, making it seem like the products they’re reviewing are nothing but those negative aspects.

My intention is to look at Essential with the most open mind imaginable. I am drawn to their product for some reason. I want to be involved in what they’re doing because I feel like it’s so pure. They seem approachable, even though the fact that they have avoided me thus far clearly indicates that they’re the opposite. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Attempting to change a multibillion-dollar industry takes time. Their schedule is so packed that I doubt they have time to deal with a gnat like me. I personally wouldn’t mind if I could pick their brain for a while. They know what they’re doing and I could learn a lot from them.