The Sneakerless Shoe Guru

I recently started reposting pictures of sneakers on one of my Instagram accounts (@thecoffeeencyclopedia) and it got me thinking of a new project. I want to write about sneakers of all kinds as well as highlight other creators of sneaker related content. The only problem with that is I don’t own a single pair of sneakers. I own two pairs that might be considered sneakers, but I would never show them to a fellow sneakerhead for fear of being laughed out of the building. I have a lot to learn and I plan to do just that.

Why does someone who doesn’t really own a pair of sneakers want to learn about them and become part of the culture? It’s simple really. I realized a while ago that my shoe game is difficult and I need to step my game up. Plus, I’m tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes and desperately want to find new options that aren’t going to make it feel like I’m walking on glass wherever I go. In my experience, sneakers achieve this objective and I want to see what’s out there. I also want to investigate the knockoff market and find companies that are making shoes for the more budget conscious among us.

I get that it seems weird that a blog that has coffee in the title is talking about shoes. As you can probably see, this blog has become a mish mash of topics I’ve started. I will continue to expand what’s covered here because it’s easier than having to start a new blog every time I want to talk about something different. I look forward to engaging people in the sneaker world and eventually building relationships with the companies that manufacture them. Since many sneaker companies are massive corporations, this will take some work. As someone whose shoe game is atrocious, I look forward to changing things for the better.

How do I start? I decided that the best way to explore this topic would be to find the most expensive sneaker and then work my way down from there. I will deviate from this path from time to time if something strikes my fancy, but the previously stated approach will be the underlying format. I don’t want to paint myself into such a corner that I end up running out of content. With this open ended way of thinking, nothing is off limits and this project will proceed indefinitely.