Pimp My Ride: I Would Love It If #1

Introducing I Would Love It If

I have owned several vehicles in my life; however, the only one that has been called mine is my 2002 Chevrolet Tracker. It’s the first car I drove when I got my license and I’m still driving it to this day. As with any car that gets up there in mileage, my car is starting to look a little long in the tooth. I recently got some maintenance performed on it and it’s running better than it has in a while; however, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to last forever. I’ve felt like I keep putting on band aids, trying to stave off the moment when my car finally kicks the bucket.

I would love it if I could make a deal with a few companies to get my car back to its former glory. The first deal would be with an auto body place that could buff out all the dents, dings, and scratches my car has acquired over the years. The second deal would be with an auto painting place to get my car a fresh paint job with the maroon color that was applied to it when it came off the assembly line.

The third deal would be with a company that knows how to do car interiors. My car’s interior is dilapidated on a good day. If money were no object, I would have a company pull every possible thing out of my car’s interior and start from scratch. I’d like to think that I would go with some new color for my dashboard and upholstery. In reality, I would likely choose the look that it had when it came from the factory. I don’t want to change my car in a way that would make it impossible to recognize.

The fourth and final deal would be with a place that could switch out all the old parts of my car’s engine and other inner workings for new versions.  I would love to be able to switch out my car’s engine for a newer model. If the offer were on the table, I would accept an engine that had 60,000 miles on it. Anything to add more years to my car’s lifespan would be accepted. Ideally, the area under my car’s hood would shine and gleam like it was its first day all over again.

I get that I could go out and buy a new car. That’s probably what I will end up doing. I’ve just grown fond of my car over the years. I don’t know what it would be like to have another car that I say is “my car.” I would love it if I could stave off that moment for as long as possible. My dream would be for my current car to be my only car…for the rest of my life. I’m sure there would come a time when companies would stop making parts for my car. I doubt that’s coming any time soon considering how many parts are on the market for cars that are well over a century old.

Universe, if you’re listening, bring the people to who would be willing to resurrect my car. I’ll be waiting.