Blair’s Sauces and Snacks Preview

Blair’s Sauces and Snacks is a company I’ve heard a great deal about ever since I started watching Hot Ones on the First We Feast YouTube channel.

Hot Ones features Blair’s Mega Death with Liquid Rage as the hottest sauce in their rogues gallery of fireball inducing buffalo wings. After seeing countless celebrities look down the barrel of this sauce and wither while ice cold Sean Evans, the host of Hot Ones, lobbed questions at them from across the table, I couldn’t help but reach out to them.

I was pleased to find out that they had a lot of products in their repertoire that play on the same theme. They’re all geared towards melting the mouths of anyone who’s daring enough to try them. I am intrigued by businesses who want to go out of their way to do one thing particularly well. Whether it’s the coffee companies I’ve covered or purveyors of hot sauce, if you’re focused on selling a particular type of product, you should go above and beyond.

The best part of Blair’s Snacks and Sauces is the affordable prices they attach to each of their products. Normally, when you venture off the beaten path and buy something from a specialty manufacturer, you’re left with a sky high bill. That’s not the case with this company. You could load your cart up with all their products and be pleasantly surprised when you see the final price sauce.

Any time I find a product that I like I want to have more and more of it. This becomes a problem when the product in question is out of my price range. I find solace in the fact that nothing on Blair’s Snacks and Sauces’ website costs too much. I would be able to get a healthy dose of their wonderful sauces without having to worry about it.

I’m fond of hot sauces in all their forms. I have locked horns with some of the most ferocious brands in the industry. I feel remiss in avoiding this one, especially since it’s billed as an insurmountable challenge on one of my favorite shows. In these situations, I look at it as though there’s no better time to make amends than the present. I will reach out to them as soon as I can. Perhaps we can forge a relationship. I’m hoping they send me a bottle or two so I can learn the true meaning of liquid rage.

Addicted Sauce Co. Review

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I love it when a company sends me a little bit of a product and I’m left both intrigued and frustrated at the same time. I’m intrigued because the product I’ve received piques my interest, but I’m also frustrated that there’s so little of it at the same time. That’s the feeling I’m left with looking back on what Addicted Sauce Co. had rocketed towards my doorstep. They sent me a good mix of their best and boldest in the most adorable little bottles imaginable. Looks can be deceiving though. The mixture contained within was anything but adorable.

When I set out on this project to try all the hot sauces I could get my hands on, I prefaced the journey with the fact that I knew full well that I would come across a blend or two that would melt my face clean off. I had that moment when I opened up Addicted Sauce Co.’s Trinidad Scorpion sauce and dumped far too much on a burrito i was having for lunch. The spice immediately hit my mouth as if I were throwing a glowing piece of charcoal and it lit my tongue on fire on contact.

In the past, all the hot sauces I encountered came and went in a hurry because I had a tendency to dump them on my food in large quantities. That’s not the case with these sauces. If I made my food swim in them, I probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale. I’m pondering building a glass case behind which I can store the sauces in case of emergency. This would make it so I could break the glass whenever I felt adventurous and then have a piece of living on the wild side. Having them out in the open might expose me to the temptation of their scorchy goodness.

At the end of each review, I ponder whether I want to know more about the company in question or if it’s better that I let them slip into the ether like all the other brands that have disappointed me in the past. When it comes to Addicted Sauce Co., I’m thinking they fit into the category of companies I want to know more about. I did not have the chance to sample everything in their repertoire and I’m interested to see how they approach all the other flavors they cover. I know that if you were to try one of their sauces you would feel the same way.

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Pepplish Provisions Review 

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The sauces from Pepplish Provisions have an addictive uniqueness that makes them irresistible and odd all at the same time. I’ve never encountered a company that has combined such unique flavors with impressive results. In the past, whenever I’ve come across a flavor that seems too good to be true or too weird to work, it’s usually everything that it seems. That’s not the case with these sauces.

I’ve found that a hot sauce doesn’t have to be what you expect to be great. It doesn’t have to be like all the other sauces you come across to be great. A sauce should be everything you want it to be and nothing more. Each person has different preferences, which is why there are so many sauces out there. You have to ask yourself whether you want to stick with the same hot sauces or try something different.

I kind of fell into a pit of despair when it came to hot sauce. I had gotten stuck with several varieties that were not impressing me much. I started to feel like I had to deal with boring hot sauces for the rest of my life. My search for something better took me to the doorstep of Pepplish Provisions. I enjoyed interacting with them just as much as trying their sauces. It seems like they not only take pride in the quality of their sauces, but the quality of their communication with the public as well.

I hope this isn’t the end of the line for Pepplish Provisions. I look forward to the possibility of them adding several more sauces to their repertoire. The number of flavor combinations are endless. You have to think outside the box in order to find the right recipe. Being inventive is the biggest strengths of all their sauces. 

You probably never thought that it was a good idea for a hot sauce company to venture outside of bounds in which their competitors’ comfort zones lie. I personally don’t like to always play it safe, especially when it comes to food. I get excited whenever I come across a company that feels the same way I do. In Pepplish Provisions, I feel like I have found but could best be described as my culinary kindred spirit. I will definitely keep tabs on their progress and suggest that you go buy several bottles of their sauce from their website.

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Gindo’s Hot Sauce Review #2


I started this review of Gindo’s Hot Sauce over at LinkedIn (Click Here to Read It) as a means of getting all the feelings I have about this brand onto the page. I loved every moment I spent trying this company’s hot sauces. I would recommend them to anyone I know and I’ve already done that on several occasions.

People have the misconception that every hot sauce is the same. You get a ball of fire that’s hiding behind some flavor that’s more jargon and advertising nonsense than anything else. You know you have a pretend sauce in your hands when you read the label. The descriptions on these labels are written in the most flowery language that’s used to sound pretty without saying anything in particular.

That’s not something you have to deal with when you do business with Gindo’s Hot Sauce. They’re as real as it gets. The way that they describe their products in simple and straightforward. What you see is what you get. I’m tired of companies who use their creative team as a means to hide deficiencies in their products. Customers have a way of figuring out what’s going on despite the best intentions of the companies who take this approach.

Gindo’s Hot Sauce is a breath of fresh air. Their inventory isn’t filled with sauces that boggle your mind with nothing but heat. While their sauces do have heat, it’s not the only aspect of what they have to offer. Each sauce in their line has flavor for days. The flavor comes before the heat, circles it when it arrives, and then comes back for more as it fades out. You could try each of their flavors over and over and still not get a sense of what they’re all about.

And that’s the beauty of it. You shouldn’t settle for a one trick pony when you decide on your hot sauce of choice. Your hot sauce should have enough versatility to be able to be matched with almost anything you will put it on. The time has come for you to consider your search completed. It doesn’t matter which Gindo’s Hot Sauce you will choose. All of them pair well with almost anything you can think of. They take the blandest dishes and turn them into a party in your mouth.

I don’t need to tell you that I’m impressed with what’s coming from Gindo’s Hot Sauce. My reaction is obvious based on the fact I wrote two reviews about them. I’m hoping that this is not the last I hear from them. I would love for them to become the official hot sauce of my hot sauce section. Again, I don’t know what that entails. I’m guessing I’m waiting for a company to pick up on what I’m putting on there and say that they’re game. When that time comes, I will work through my giddy feelings and start hashing something out that will be impressive for the both of us.

This is not the last you will see me write about Gindo’s Hot Sauce. I assure you.

Looking for Some Good Hot Sauce 

How come food can’t be amazing right out of the gate? Why do I need to slather every meal with sauce? These are the questions I ask myself every time I saddle up to the dinner table. I’ve come to the realization that meals are not perfect because people are not perfect. That’s why there are things like hot sauce. They’re the missing piece to the puzzle that is the meal sitting in front of you.

I was recently exposed to hot sauces and I loved every minute of it. As soon as the well ran dry, I was left wanting more. I decided that there would be no better way to get back on the horse than starting a hot sauce review project. I’ve enjoyed the other incarnations of my reviews and I know I will with this one. I also know that someone is going to whip a sauce at my head that will set my hair on fire. Not only I’m ready for that to happen, the idea of it excites me.

I enjoy talking with people who are responsible for creating these products. The passion they show throughout their various processes is contagious. I feel like there are a lot of similarities between their creativity and the creativity I devote to my projects. I like the products that look and taste like someone took a lot of time making them. These are the products I want to line my shelves, not the mass produced nonsense that dooms most parts of our existence.

I understand the reluctance that people might have in letting me into their world. I’m merely some stranger appearing from the mist to ask them for something that might seem like a minor request on my end, but means a lot of work and heartache on their end. I’m not an unreasonable person. I’ve been told no before. I’m sure I’m bound to hear it more in the future. Hearing no is not going to hurt my feelings. On the contrary, it’s more likely to motivate me to do better and prove to the companies I’m contacting that the offer I’m putting forward is one they would be unwise to refuse.

I’m a guy who believes wholeheartedly in the quality of his content. If I’m not happy with something I’m writing, I shelve it. I’m not going to release it. This often draws the ire of certain people. It’s almost as if they would like to see anything than something that’s going to do right by their brand. Whether we like it or not, we are associated with every piece of content that’s written about us regardless of our involvement in its creation. If someone does not represent us accurately, we will take a hit as a result of that content’s mere existence.