From time to time, there are things that come out of nowhere and make me stand agape in the face of my own ignorance. My lack of knowledge when it comes to beer and the breweries that make it is one of these things. I have had beer from independent breweries in my area and I can’t help but be impressed. They are just like the coffee purveyors I’ve talked about in the past. The drinks they produce are bold and outstanding and showcase the passions of the people who have worked on it. Regardless of what you think about alcoholic beverages, you need to take a moment to appreciate their artistry.

When I started to review coffee places, people chided me for doing so because they said “Coffee is coffee! All coffee tastes the same!” They couldn’t have been more wrong. A brand of coffee is like a child. Each one is beautiful and, though they might have their similarities, worthy of praise for different reasons. I understand that its might seem like I am talking a lot about coffee in a post that’s supposed to be discussing why I want to review beers and breweries. I’m approaching things from that angle because I feel like the similarities are worth noting.

The best part about places that make beer is that they usually have an ample menu of delicious foods to go along with it. I’m not saying that the places that make beer and leave food out of it are unworthy of praise. If anything, their beer should warrant more attention because it has become the focal point of their business apparatus. The places that serve food and make their own beer don’t necessarily make worse beer or food because they offer both items. The work that needs to be done to cover them becomes more complicated because you are forced to approach them from two angles instead of one.

Interestingly enough it seems like most breweries are unable to ship their beer for whatever reason. They sell it in nearby grocery stores, which is where I have purchased it on many occasions. They do not send it to people’s houses. I find this fact to be interesting, especially when it comes to breweries that also sell their beer in aluminum cans. We should have the processes in place to ship glass bottles or aluminum cans safely and affordably. It appears that this simple innovation is out of reach.

Whether we want to admit it or not, untold millions of people throughout history have bonded over alcohol. You will find that there are countless people who are able to drink alcohol every so often and never become addicted or suffer ill effects. I will cover this topic from the perspective of these people. Seeking to demonize alcohol would serve no purpose. At this point, most people who have reached adulthood should understand what happens when you drink irresponsibly. I don’t need to venture into those waters here.