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Who says an overweight Dad in his 30’s can’t become a beauty guru?

My brain has a tendency to fixate on things I don’t understand. With each fixation, a process where I try to figure whatever the thing is out in my head begins. If I can’t figure it out, I turn to researching to scratch this itch. My research process is extensive to say the least. I try to get my hands on anything and everything that talks about the topic. I watch videos and read what the experts have to say. Sometimes I overdo it and burn myself out, causing me to put that topic on the backburner and move on to something else.

As a man, I don’t know the first thing about anything to do with beauty or the beauty industry. Slowly but surely little bits of information have seeped into my consciousness. Whether it’s from the women in my life or beauty gurus lending their expertise to content I consume, I’m starting to see a trend and getting a sense that I need to start talking about this. I have no idea where to begin and know full well that I am putting my toe into waters where I am surely unwelcome.

I thrive off being an outsider though. Many years ago I began a project where I talked about and reviewed coffee. I received pushback from experts in the field, but I stood my ground. I knew that my perspective would appeal to someone. That’s how I am going to approach this topic. I believe that anytime a piece of content is released it starts a conversation. Every conversation needs to have a certain level of inclusivity to be productive. If you shut certain people out for foolish reasons, your dialogue will turn into an echo chamber.

I also understand that my discussion of this topic will cause people to make assumptions about who I am as a person or what I do with my life. In reality, the only thing that’s true in this instance is that I am a person who’s talking about the world of beauty. I ask that anyone who reads this blog has an open mind and understands that anyone can talk about anything and whether or not they have the characteristics that fit your preconceived notions of someone who talks about that topic is irrelevant.

I approached this post in a way that’s going to turn a lot of people off. I’ve been told that the way I write normally is kind of boring. I through big words into the mix and it sends people’s attention spans running for the hills. I will give each topic I cover the attention it deserves. In an effort to reach the widest possible audience, expect subsequent posts to be shorter and less wordy. I don’t want to set a word count. If I need to spread stuff across several lengthy posts, I will do that. My goal is to do this right and become a meaningful part of this community.