Take Me Back to Howard Johnson’s

This is the second post I’m writing to introduce the Americana section. The first version falls under the category of blog posts. I am keeping that entry as an introduction to the blog series. Below you will find a table of contents of sorts. I will update this list as more posts are added. That’s where turning this introduction into a static page comes in handy. It allows me to add more to this entry without having to write a completely new post. Of course, me being who I am, I know that I will redo this post at some point. Until then, this post is the welcome mat for the Americana section.

Let me first start off by saying that I’m writing about Americana because of its rich subject matter, not because I believe that it’s superior to similar content you could derive from other countries. It’s highly likely I will delve into what happens in other countries eventually. I am starting here because I’m from here and I’ve lived my entire life here. Naturally, my proximity to what’s available in the nation in which I live makes it a good place to start.

My goal is to take things people haven’t talked about in ages or are inadequately represented online and give them the proper treatment. There’s nothing I hate more than gaping holes in what information is available about a topic. I also strongly dislike seeing the same set of facts turned into one uninteresting piece of content after another. Facts are like milkshakes. You can keep pouring water in a milkshake to replace what you’ve consumed, but that doesn’t mean the resulting beverage will be any good.

The content posted to this section will include nothing but exclusive information. I will cross check everything I put into my articles to make sure that it’s not available anywhere else. Any time I review old information I will make it known and post links to wherever I found it.

Who knows what the future will hold. I’ve always wanted to break into visual mediums. Podcasting interests me as well. I’m currently trying to find a spot where I can fit into the crowded landscape. I don’t want to devote time to produce content that’s going to sit dormant. That would do a disservice to the topics about which I’m writing.

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