Utah Coffee Expressions Review

Utah Coffee Expressions gave me a taste of what they had to offer and then left me wanting more. The sampler pack they sent me set the table, but it didn’t serve the appetizer, let alone the main course. My particular preference leans more towards full sized products than samples. The frustration I felt towards this sample has more to do with me being fussy than anything this company did or could have done differently. I like to have enough experience with a type of coffee to be able to talk about it without straining for the right sentiments. 

I have had the opportunity to try several types of coffee from Utah. For a state that might be thought of as the opposite of a coffee contender, they carry their weight and deliver many quality brands. Getting through the list of companies from this state has been quite the journey. I will give Utah Coffee Expressions credit though. They replied to me in a timely manner and were more than happy to fulfill my request. I didn’t expect their package to arrive so quickly. To my surprise, it landed in my mailbox before I had a chance to wonder when it was coming.

The best kind of coffee is one that has a lot going on. It’s the kind of coffee that beckons for you to drink it before you ever even pour a cup. Many varieties of coffee fall flat before they have a chance to deliver on their promises. This coffee is not one of them. It’s bold, but not so bold that it will overwhelm the average coffee drinker. 

I love it when coffee goes down easy. You’re able to breeze through it without having to worry about any hiccups in the roast slowing your journey. I had that experience with each cup of Utah Coffee Expressions coffee.

I will add Utah Coffee Expressions to the list of destinations of coffee haunts in my area. I want to meet the people whose coffee fueled so many pleasant evenings. Trying a certain variety is one thing. Meeting the people responsible for that coffee is something else entirely.

I can’t help but want to develop relationships with the coffee producers near me. I’m in their backyard. As a person who writes about coffee, I feel compelled to put them at the top of my list.

Utah Coffee Expressions, if you’re reading this, let’s talk soon.

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