Addicted Sauce Co. Review

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I love it when a company sends me a little bit of a product and I’m left both intrigued and frustrated at the same time. I’m intrigued because the product I’ve received piques my interest, but I’m also frustrated that there’s so little of it at the same time. That’s the feeling I’m left with looking back on what Addicted Sauce Co. had rocketed towards my doorstep. They sent me a good mix of their best and boldest in the most adorable little bottles imaginable. Looks can be deceiving though. The mixture contained within was anything but adorable.

When I set out on this project to try all the hot sauces I could get my hands on, I prefaced the journey with the fact that I knew full well that I would come across a blend or two that would melt my face clean off. I had that moment when I opened up Addicted Sauce Co.’s Trinidad Scorpion sauce and dumped far too much on a burrito i was having for lunch. The spice immediately hit my mouth as if I were throwing a glowing piece of charcoal and it lit my tongue on fire on contact.

In the past, all the hot sauces I encountered came and went in a hurry because I had a tendency to dump them on my food in large quantities. That’s not the case with these sauces. If I made my food swim in them, I probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale. I’m pondering building a glass case behind which I can store the sauces in case of emergency. This would make it so I could break the glass whenever I felt adventurous and then have a piece of living on the wild side. Having them out in the open might expose me to the temptation of their scorchy goodness.

At the end of each review, I ponder whether I want to know more about the company in question or if it’s better that I let them slip into the ether like all the other brands that have disappointed me in the past. When it comes to Addicted Sauce Co., I’m thinking they fit into the category of companies I want to know more about. I did not have the chance to sample everything in their repertoire and I’m interested to see how they approach all the other flavors they cover. I know that if you were to try one of their sauces you would feel the same way.

Click Here to Visit Their Website


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