Apple Needs to Slow it Down

What would you say if I told you that Apple, one of the most popular, profitable corporations in the world, needed to stop releasing products on an annual basis and move to a schedule where they only put out new releases once every other year? You would probably think I was crazy and wrong. That’s what needs to happen though.

Putting out something remarkable every year is quite the grind. You sometimes have to cut corners if things aren’t going as planned. Limiting yourself to such a short timeframe is not a good idea if you want to come out with something that’s of a high-level quality. You have to take the time and do the work necessary to produce greatness.
Apple’s status of the company that’s capable of raking in hundreds of millions of dollars is not In doubt. Being able to make a lot of money off of a product doesn’t necessarily make that product good. It just means that it’s successful. Since their level of name recognition is so high, Apple can do no wrong and eyes of their fans. In reality, they are getting lazy and losing ground to their competitors.

I think that Apple should take all of their product lines and go back to the drawing board. Start over from scratch and see how they can do things better. Slapping a Band-Aid on the same old design year after year is not going to get the job done. Precise action needs to be taken to restore this company‘s reputation for being the best of the best and focusing on nothing but quality.

I recently watched a video that said it best. They said that Apple is like a TV show nearing the end of its run with lazy people steering the ship and quality going down the tubes. Another person vented in frustration at the fact that Apple has become nothing more than a company that slaps products together that are essentially knock offs of what they used to put out. As an Apple user, I couldn’t agree more.

I switched from Androids long ago because I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of them. After looking at several android phones, I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I am unable to rectify that mistake right now, but once I have the resources to do it, I will be switching to android. I will continue to look at the progression of Apple in the hopes that they will stop putting corporate profits over what the people want.


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