The Essential Phone Part #2


The Essential Phone Part #1

I was shocked to find that the Essential phone was only available in the Sprint store. Granted, you have the opportunity to buy it on the internet. You can buy anything on the internet though. I want to be able to walk into a store and get my hands on the device. Buying something that’s so expensive without knowing how it looks and feels. I am old fashioned. I don’t trust a company unless I’ve had the opportunity to do my due diligence on them. It doesn’t matter what company I’m analyzing. I’m going to do my homework.

Essential is an enigma because I have been unable to get in touch with them. I’ve tried. Like I stated in the first part of this series, but it seems like I will have to wait to hear from them. I’m fine with that. I’m a patient man. A lot of people run into this barrier and throw their hands up in disgust. They feel like their position in society somehow makes them inferior. Rather than sticking to the belief that they deserve to be in the same room as anyone, they give up and sink back into obscurity.

I’ve looked at many of the reviews people have published about the Essential phone and I feel like they have gotten a bad rap. Tech reviewers are unwilling to open their minds and look at devices on a case-by-case basis. The biggest and most powerful companies have established standards that keep the industry from moving forward. People who like to think that they’re informed stick to the mindset that the powers that be want them to have. I get the desire to compare one device to all the others. It’s a temptation that needs to be avoided.

I am not saying that Essential should be given more chances because they’re trying to do something different. They should be given a chance. The people who are in charge of telling the masses which devices they should buy and which ones they should reject should be more responsible with their power. I don’t get why people reject products outright without telling people what they might like about that product. Instead, they stick to what they don’t like, making it seem like the products they’re reviewing are nothing but those negative aspects.

My intention is to look at Essential with the most open mind imaginable. I am drawn to their product for some reason. I want to be involved in what they’re doing because I feel like it’s so pure. They seem approachable, even though the fact that they have avoided me thus far clearly indicates that they’re the opposite. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Attempting to change a multibillion-dollar industry takes time. Their schedule is so packed that I doubt they have time to deal with a gnat like me. I personally wouldn’t mind if I could pick their brain for a while. They know what they’re doing and I could learn a lot from them.

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