Connecting Service Providers to People in Need

I have yet to find an entity that effectively connects nonprofit organizations or people who are homebound due to age or disability or both with service providers.

Some organizations exist that provide these services directly; however, they’re either so overworked that they can’t meet the demand in their community or they lack the necessary expertise to perform an adequate job.

I recognize that service providers have to make money to stay open and manage their lives. I’m hoping I can find providers that are willing to render their service for free or at least a discounted rate. 

In creating this list, I’m hoping to eliminate instances where homebound people with fixed incomes are living in substandard conditions.

I’m still trying to figure out how to prevent people whose intentions might not be pure from taking advantage of the providers. That’s something that will likely remain a work in progress for quite some time.

I can’t imagine the horrible conditions in which the most vulnerable people among us are living. I feel like it’s unacceptable for those who have the capabilities to help to stand by and do nothing. We all have the responsibility to care for our fellow human beings regardless of any belief or personal characteristic.

I’m not saying the service providers with whom I’ll collaborate are unwilling to help out or have avoided helping in the past. On the contrary, I’m sure many of them do it on a regular basis. I want to connect those providers and many others with the people who need them.

The scope of this project will remain wide open as I believe geographic barriers mean nothing when it comes to helping out those who need it. I will start with the United States and move outward. Each state will have its own page. At a later date, if needed, I will create pages for individual cities as well.

Service providers who participate in this program will not be left empty handed. Their involvement will serve as a high quality public relations tool. People will be able to see that their organization has heart and cares about their community. Those are two things that any amount of marketing dollars can’t buy.

There are so many ways to help out. I am not done exploring what I personally can do. If I reach what seems like an end point, I’ll press on, knowing full well that it’s an obstacle that’s more the result of diminished effort than actual lacking opportunity.


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