Looking for Some Good Hot Sauce 

How come food can’t be amazing right out of the gate? Why do I need to slather every meal with sauce? These are the questions I ask myself every time I saddle up to the dinner table. I’ve come to the realization that meals are not perfect because people are not perfect. That’s why there are things like hot sauce. They’re the missing piece to the puzzle that is the meal sitting in front of you.

I was recently exposed to hot sauces and I loved every minute of it. As soon as the well ran dry, I was left wanting more. I decided that there would be no better way to get back on the horse than starting a hot sauce review project. I’ve enjoyed the other incarnations of my reviews and I know I will with this one. I also know that someone is going to whip a sauce at my head that will set my hair on fire. Not only I’m ready for that to happen, the idea of it excites me.

I enjoy talking with people who are responsible for creating these products. The passion they show throughout their various processes is contagious. I feel like there are a lot of similarities between their creativity and the creativity I devote to my projects. I like the products that look and taste like someone took a lot of time making them. These are the products I want to line my shelves, not the mass produced nonsense that dooms most parts of our existence.

I understand the reluctance that people might have in letting me into their world. I’m merely some stranger appearing from the mist to ask them for something that might seem like a minor request on my end, but means a lot of work and heartache on their end. I’m not an unreasonable person. I’ve been told no before. I’m sure I’m bound to hear it more in the future. Hearing no is not going to hurt my feelings. On the contrary, it’s more likely to motivate me to do better and prove to the companies I’m contacting that the offer I’m putting forward is one they would be unwise to refuse.

I’m a guy who believes wholeheartedly in the quality of his content. If I’m not happy with something I’m writing, I shelve it. I’m not going to release it. This often draws the ire of certain people. It’s almost as if they would like to see anything than something that’s going to do right by their brand. Whether we like it or not, we are associated with every piece of content that’s written about us regardless of our involvement in its creation. If someone does not represent us accurately, we will take a hit as a result of that content’s mere existence.

Getting Past Gatekeepers to Contact Corporations 

There’s something about corporate juggernauts that gets my blood pumping. On one hand, I am reluctant to get on board with their ham handed tactics that suppress innovation and competition. On the other hand, there’s a mystique to some of them that’s all sorts of intriguing. There are some corporations I do not like, but I continue to give them business because of convenience and what other people in my life want at that particular moment. I plan to cozy up to a few of them that have my attention and business. Perhaps we can become friends. Who knows.

I do not like the fact that corporations are practically unreachable when you attempt to contact them. They have gatekeepers upon gatekeepers preventing anyone other than a few people from gaining access to decision makers. This is something that’s unacceptable and needs to change. I regularly bypass gatekeepers and contact the right people directly. This approach often backfires, leaving me forced to deal with the gatekeepers because the decision makers kicked my message back out. Being the persistent fellow I am, I wear down the gatekeepers until they have no choice but to open the floodgates.

Writing to someone who can do something is one thing. Getting a response from that person is something else entirely. I often lose track of how many emails I’ve sent that I know are read, but I’m left without any response. These aren’t emails that lack calls to action either. I could ask several questions and include multiple calls to action and still receive no response. Why is happens is beyond me. I personally respond to all my emails. Sometimes it takes me longer than I’d care to admit. I get around to it eventually. I would feel bad if I left an email unanswered, especially if it was one a person spent a long time writing.

Anyone who ignores emails should not have an email address. The corporate people who are guilty of this behavior should put their gatekeepers in charge of responding to their emails. All that gatekeepers do is send off form letters anyway. The least they could do is dust off their fingers and write an actual sincere response to a customer. I fear that such a gesture would cause the fabric of space and time to tear at the seams. Perhaps it’s just better to keep up the illusion of actual work being done.

Connecting Service Providers to People in Need

I have yet to find an entity that effectively connects nonprofit organizations or people who are homebound due to age or disability or both with service providers.

Some organizations exist that provide these services directly; however, they’re either so overworked that they can’t meet the demand in their community or they lack the necessary expertise to perform an adequate job.

I recognize that service providers have to make money to stay open and manage their lives. I’m hoping I can find providers that are willing to render their service for free or at least a discounted rate. 

In creating this list, I’m hoping to eliminate instances where homebound people with fixed incomes are living in substandard conditions.

I’m still trying to figure out how to prevent people whose intentions might not be pure from taking advantage of the providers. That’s something that will likely remain a work in progress for quite some time.

I can’t imagine the horrible conditions in which the most vulnerable people among us are living. I feel like it’s unacceptable for those who have the capabilities to help to stand by and do nothing. We all have the responsibility to care for our fellow human beings regardless of any belief or personal characteristic.

I’m not saying the service providers with whom I’ll collaborate are unwilling to help out or have avoided helping in the past. On the contrary, I’m sure many of them do it on a regular basis. I want to connect those providers and many others with the people who need them.

The scope of this project will remain wide open as I believe geographic barriers mean nothing when it comes to helping out those who need it. I will start with the United States and move outward. Each state will have its own page. At a later date, if needed, I will create pages for individual cities as well.

Service providers who participate in this program will not be left empty handed. Their involvement will serve as a high quality public relations tool. People will be able to see that their organization has heart and cares about their community. Those are two things that any amount of marketing dollars can’t buy.

There are so many ways to help out. I am not done exploring what I personally can do. If I reach what seems like an end point, I’ll press on, knowing full well that it’s an obstacle that’s more the result of diminished effort than actual lacking opportunity.