Car Dealerships are the Worst

Words can’t describe the outrage I feel at how car dealerships treat their customers. The only entities that treat people worse are those the dealerships work with to finance the cars. Regardless, the entire arrangement is rigged against the consumer from start to finish.

I’m not saying that every car dealership needs to give customers for free or their financiers should let people determine the terms of their loans. As a cog in the capitalist apparatus, I’m well aware that goods come at a cost and, in order to remain afloat in said apparatus, businesses have to sell enough of their goods to turn a profit.

At the same time, does the provider of goods always have to make their profit while screwing over the consumer in the process?

I’m not an insider in the car industry, but I have purchased several cars in my lifetime. During these purchases, I began to see a pattern of behaviors. These behaviors appeared no matter which dealership sold me the vehicle.

I would describe these behaviors as the run around. They act as if they’re working hard to get you the best deal possible when really they’re stalling in the hopes that you will give up and pick whatever deal they put in front of your face. You might think that you’re winning the battle if you have been there a while and the terms of the deals they’re giving you are slowly improving. The reality is that they have a lot left in the tank and the best deal is so far on the horizon that you can’t even see it. The fact that they claim that they can’t do anything more to help you is ridiculous considering they own the business. In a world where car dealerships donate cars on a regular basis, more can always be done.

I would never lump all car dealerships in with one another. My main grievances are with the ones I’ve patronized. I feel like you should be able to buy a car without having to jump through hoops. I’ve always heard that car salesman can’t be trusted, but I never understood why. Not anymore.

I’d love to find a car dealership that’s actually willing to do business with me, not take advantage of me needing a car. Be straightforward, honest, and cut out all the nonsense. For the life of me I do not get why that’s such an unrealistic proposition.


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