Reviewers and Their Unnatural Prose

I’ve reviewed things for a little over eight years now. I started with software and now I’ve moved on to whatever I feel like talking about. Over the years, I’ve read countless reviews from other people. I’ve noticed one major thing. The way reviewers write their reviews is so unnatural.

I repeatedly go back the old adage of “You write like how you talk.” If anyone reading this post were to ever meet me in person, they would be surprised by how much I sound like my writings in my conversation. I think about each word and the way my sentences are structured. None of these words were placed without a considerable amount of forethought.

That’s something that’s missing from a lot of review writing. The reviews I read sound more like Wikipedia pages than anything else. Don’t get me wrong. Wikipedia pages have their purpose. How many of those pages have you read from start to finish? Out of the pages you read from top to bottom, how many of them were enjoyable reads? Likely very few. 

The purpose of Wikipedia pages is to inform the audience. They accomplish this purpose in the most mundane way. You’re more likely to pick out the information you need than read a Wikipedia page in its entirety. Reviews are supposed to inform as well. There’s no reason they need to do so in such a dry boring way.

I approach my reviews like I’m telling my best friend about the product I’m reviewing. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is bore my best friend. I’m not the best reviewer by any means. Such a distinction is subjective anyway. All I know is I try my hardest to make my reviews as personable as possible. More reviewers should do the same.


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