Texas Firehouse Coffee Review

Say it with me now. No bitter aftertaste! No bitter aftertaste! No bitter aftertaste! You might think that I’m a little nutty for starting an article out this way. I’m simply repeating the slog an of Texas Firehouse Coffee. They advertise the fact their coffee has a smooth taste, which is an ambitious claim that can easily be checked for accuracy. I put their coffee through its paces to determine whether it’s as smooth as they say. I will tell you that their coffee more than backs up its claims.

Coffee is a strange thing. You can read something about the coffee you’re drinking and then think that it’s accurate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or false. The power of suggestion overrules any doubt you might have in your mind. If someone says their coffee is smooth, your mind will remember that point and try to fool your mouth into thinking it’s smooth. I wasn’t about to be fooled this time.

To prevent casual suggestion from messing up my process, I had someone else make Texas Firehouse Coffee without telling me. I loved it. It tasted smooth, strong, and highly flavorful at the same time. You can get one or two of these things from a type of coffee, but rarely are you able to check all three boxes. I applaud Texas Firehouse Coffee for making such audacious claims and putting the work into their product to ensure that they back them up.

I was surprised to find out that Texas Firehouse Coffee doesn’t just offer coffee. Granted, coffee companies offer different products all the time. It’s not a new thing; however, based on what I found out about their coffee, it seemed like that was the only thing they have in their repertoire. I’m happy to be mistaken about this fact. Perhaps I will be able to try one of these products later on, leading to a subsequent review. I always try to talk about everything a company makes available to the public.

Coffee and firehouses are two things I didn’t previously tie together. I like the picture that this comparison paints though. The people in firehouses are tough and brave. They answer the call whenever it tolls for them. That’s what people want their coffee to do. Texas Firehouse Coffee has a lot of products in their inventory that get you going and never let you down.


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