Granville Island Tea Co. Review

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Tucked away in Vancouver, British Columbia is a tea company that makes tea as if it were a fine wine. Granville Island Tea Co. doesn’t just shroud their tea in a fog of pretentiousness in the hopes that people will think that what they’re doing is great. They put in the work to make sure that their product is capable of standing up to some of the best options in the industry. You might think that you have been trying tea all along. Granville Island Tea will smash your preconceived notions and take things to another level in the process.

I am only getting started when it comes to Granville Island Tea. Their product line is so large that I have tried a mere fraction of it. I would like to try more in the future and write subsequent articles about it. SInce I spent a while making sure that this article was great, I’m sure that they would not be as receptive to such an arrangement. I will not rule out contacting them somewhere down the line. If my first interactions with them were any indication, I know that they will welcome me back with open arms and the interaction would be friendly.

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt like you were underdressed or that you didn’t belong? That’s exactly how I felt the first time I tried Granville Island Tea. The best part is that I brought these concerns to them and their humility made me warm up to the idea that I did belong. I had the right drink tea that seemed classier than anything I had ever tried. I wanted to share this idea with all the other people I knew who drinked tea. I knew that they would want to be a part of this sensation and I was right.

Other reviewers might come out of the woodwork to bog down their audiences with jargon and flowy language to describe the products they’re reviewing. I’m not one of those reviewers. I like to tell people when I have come across a product I think is great. This is one of those times. I guarantee that anyone who makes the decision to try Granville Island Tea would feel the same way. Regardless of how intimidating they might seem, their products are as approachable as anything you will find at your local grocery store.


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