Praying for an Eggo (@eggo, @kelloggsus) – Glines Over Breakfast #2

What does a guy have to do to get an Eggo hookup? I could write to them on Twitter, but who knows where the person who responds to their tweets winds up on the corporate food chain. I’ve dealt with enough social media people to tell you that they’re customer service representatives in a different venue. All they can do is acknowledge you if you praise them or forward your concerns to the person who’s able to address them. It’s not their fault. They have a job to do and many of them do it to the best of their abilities.

Eggo waffles are part of the mythological juggernaut Kellogg’s. I will be talking about many of their products in the future. They are such an integral part of breakfast that it would be irresponsible of me to discuss breakfast and not mention their name. I have attempted to find someone over at Kellogg’s who’s willing to talk to me. No such luck. I could write to their generic contact form, but that’s a waste of time. Thousands of people likely use that form daily, leaving Kellogg’s with a pile of queries that will go unanswered.

I want to get the ear of a living breathing person working over at Kellogg’s. Someone who can take my request and turn it into action. There was a time when doing such a thing wasn’t such a chore. You could write to a company and someone would get back to you with an actual response. They wouldn’t dig a canned reply off of their pile of scripts in the hopes that you would blindly keep quiet. They would actually take the time to respond to your query in a way that would ensure that you’re satisfied.

I’m not saying that Kellogg’s has dropped the ball in any way here. I’m sure that they will be very receptive to me when I make contact with them. I just need to find the right person to contact. In a world of nearly identical job titles, it’s challenging to track down the individual who will answer your questions. You could find someone who seems like they’re in the right department only to find out that they do something completely different from what their job title signifies. Persistence is key and persistent is what I will be.


Nothing will keep me from my Eggo waffles. If you told me that there was a case of Eggo waffles on the other end of a brick wall, I would do my best Hulk impression and try to break through to get to it. I have tried almost every generic brand of frozen waffles I’ve been able to get my hands on. Some of them are alright while others are forgettable. None of them hold a candle to Eggo waffles. I fully admit that I might be susceptible to choosing Eggo waffls just because they’re a name brand. I don’t mind. In all reality, I’m sure that if their waffles didn’t taste the best, I would pass them over for waffles from another brand.

Donut Cereal – Glines Over Breakfast #1

How come nobody told me there was such a thing as donut cereal? I noticed the Captain Crunch version (the sprinkles one, not the chocolate one) at my local grocery store recently. I hesitated for a moment and decided that I didn’t want to buy it. This hesitation was a mistake because this cereal was gone the next time I went to the store. I haven’t seen a box for sale of any kind of donut cereal since then.

I decided to do an extensive amount of research to see if donut cereal was or ever had been a thing. I was surprised to find out that there had been several types of this cereal stretching back decades. I had never seen many of these products because they came out well before my time. I will tell you that they look much more interesting than what Captain Crunch decided to bring to the table. I would buy these cereals if I found them at my local grocery store.

When discussing products that come in boxes, it’s tempting to think of the old cliche “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Normally, I steer clear of this idea for the same reason that so many of us dismiss it as a cliche. You have to look at what’s beneath the surface to determine the true meaning and value. Cereal is a much different thing though. The boxes in which cereal is sold determine their entire identity.

I enjoyed looking over all the unique varieties of Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal. The box art was so appealing that it seemed like something that would work well in today’s cereal aisle. This cereal came out in 1988. I couldn’t find a definitive year when this product left the market. I also was unable track down reviews from people who remembered what this cereal even tasted like. I would assume that the reaction was less than stellar. After all, it came and went faster than we realized they even arrived.

Donuts are a major part of the imagery associated with The Simpsons. Homer Simpson loves his donuts and many episodes of this long running series are devoted to that fact. I was surprised to find that there was a Simpsons donut cereal. The choice to make it cinnamon donut flavored when Homer’s obsession centers on frosted donuts. Again, I could not find a time period during which this cereal was on the grocery store shelves. Based on the box art, I would place its existence somewhere in the mid-1990’s.


The final two entries in this series could best be described as unknown players. They are Dinky Donuts and Powdered Donutz. The box art for these two cereals places them well before my time, likely in the late-1960’s or early to mid-1970’s. I would pass on Dinky Donuts just because of how the product looks on the box. I guess this product came out before the era of food stylists. I thought that the product looked much less like donut cereal and more like an extremely unappealing Cheerios.


Powdered Donutz has the look of a donut themed version of Frosted Cheerios. Say what you will about Frosted Cheerios, but there was a time when I loved it. Taking the delightful parts about that cereal and making them donut based seems awesome. If any cereal outside of the Dunkin Donuts brand were to come back, I would want it to be Powdered Donutz.


I love donuts and I love cereals. Merging the two worlds eliminates the need for me to struggle between picking a donut over a bowl of cereal. I am despondent at the fact that there are no donut cereals on the market right now. I would assume that you can find one of the Captain Crunch donut varieties somewhere. If I see one at the store, I will pick it up. I would also love for a new kind of donut cereal to appear and change the game.

Texas Firehouse Coffee Review

Say it with me now. No bitter aftertaste! No bitter aftertaste! No bitter aftertaste! You might think that I’m a little nutty for starting an article out this way. I’m simply repeating the slog an of Texas Firehouse Coffee. They advertise the fact their coffee has a smooth taste, which is an ambitious claim that can easily be checked for accuracy. I put their coffee through its paces to determine whether it’s as smooth as they say. I will tell you that their coffee more than backs up its claims.

Coffee is a strange thing. You can read something about the coffee you’re drinking and then think that it’s accurate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or false. The power of suggestion overrules any doubt you might have in your mind. If someone says their coffee is smooth, your mind will remember that point and try to fool your mouth into thinking it’s smooth. I wasn’t about to be fooled this time.

To prevent casual suggestion from messing up my process, I had someone else make Texas Firehouse Coffee without telling me. I loved it. It tasted smooth, strong, and highly flavorful at the same time. You can get one or two of these things from a type of coffee, but rarely are you able to check all three boxes. I applaud Texas Firehouse Coffee for making such audacious claims and putting the work into their product to ensure that they back them up.

I was surprised to find out that Texas Firehouse Coffee doesn’t just offer coffee. Granted, coffee companies offer different products all the time. It’s not a new thing; however, based on what I found out about their coffee, it seemed like that was the only thing they have in their repertoire. I’m happy to be mistaken about this fact. Perhaps I will be able to try one of these products later on, leading to a subsequent review. I always try to talk about everything a company makes available to the public.

Coffee and firehouses are two things I didn’t previously tie together. I like the picture that this comparison paints though. The people in firehouses are tough and brave. They answer the call whenever it tolls for them. That’s what people want their coffee to do. Texas Firehouse Coffee has a lot of products in their inventory that get you going and never let you down.

Kanalani Ohana Farm Kona Coffee Review

I could spent a million years writing how much I love kona coffee, but all that time still wouldn’t get to the bottom of my adoration for this segment of the coffee universe. I used to see kona coffee as something unattainable, practically a mythological item. Those days are long gone; however, I still hold this coffee in high regard and look at it as the pinnacle of the industry. Kanalani Ohana Farm is one of those entities that does kona coffee right. It all comes down to the dedication they show from the moment they hand pick their beans until they show up in the hands of someone like me.

I can’t get enough of coffee that comes from entities that take it seriously. You are able to discern this fact from the moment you open the bag. The smell of well crafted beans is potent enough to knock you on your butt and make you want to get to your grinder like your life depends on it. From the moment you take your first smell of a type of coffee, you can almost taste what will soon be filling up your cup. It’s hard to put this level of anticipation into words.

That’s the kind of feeling I got when I broke into my bag of Kanalani Ohana Farm kona coffee. I fully understand that they offer their product on their website. Anyone can order it and have it shipped to their house within a few days. Despite all these facts staring me in the face, I somehow feel like I’m one of a privileged few. I feel like I got an invitation to a secret location in a spooky envelope. As I pour a cup of coffee, it’s almost like I’m transported into a secret bunker where I’m able to enjoy this brew with some of the best coffee minds.

Speaking about coffee in these terms might seem excessive. I couldn’t disagree more with this assertion. Any time you’re able to try something on which another person spent countless hours working you think of it as an honor. You’re not tasting coffee when you try Kanalani Ohana Farm’s coffee. You’re tasting the work that they put into it and how much they want it to be great for you. That’s not a sensation you will get when you drink coffee from many different brands. Kanalani Ohana Farm is a cut above.

Coffee Labs Roasters Review

The most intriguing thing to me about Coffee Labs Roasters is the fact that their mascot is a dog. I don’t know why this stood out to me in particular. They are not the first coffee company that I’ve encountered that uses a dog as their logo. I enjoyed the way their logo looked and it got me thinking about the relationship people have with their dogs and how that relates to the way people feel about their coffee.

A person who loves their dog more than anything in this world has it with them wherever they go. They can’t leave home without it and they want it to be the first thing they see every morning. That’s exactly how I and countless others feel about our coffee. We can’t live without it. Although its appearance and disappearance into our lives are brief, the time that we’re able to spend with feels as close to companionship as we can get.

You will find no company that exemplifies this point better than Coffee Labs Roasters. Each blend that they send out of their doors is remarkably well crafted. The people who are behind this company knows what coffee means to their customers. The last thing they would want to do is produce something that’s disappointing to anyone. I have enjoyed every moment that I have had a chance to have their coffee in my life. I plan on working towards making it a more regular part of my routine going forward.

When you drink as much coffee as I do, you’re bound to come across a few duds in your travels. Coffee Labs Roasters is anything but a dud coffee company. Although your coffee aficionado friends might not blink an eye when you tell them their name, they should pay attention.

Drinking coffee should be all about trying new things. There’s so much great coffee out there waiting to be consumed. You can’t stick with your brand, hoping that it will somehow taste different even though nothing of merit has changed. You should look at all the brands out there and see how many you can enjoy in the process.

You won’t have to spend too much time in your search before you will come across Coffee Labs Roasters. As you pour the first cup of their coffee, you will wonder why you spent so much time with your brand of choice when this coffee was out there waiting for you.

Granville Island Tea Co. Review

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Tucked away in Vancouver, British Columbia is a tea company that makes tea as if it were a fine wine. Granville Island Tea Co. doesn’t just shroud their tea in a fog of pretentiousness in the hopes that people will think that what they’re doing is great. They put in the work to make sure that their product is capable of standing up to some of the best options in the industry. You might think that you have been trying tea all along. Granville Island Tea will smash your preconceived notions and take things to another level in the process.

I am only getting started when it comes to Granville Island Tea. Their product line is so large that I have tried a mere fraction of it. I would like to try more in the future and write subsequent articles about it. SInce I spent a while making sure that this article was great, I’m sure that they would not be as receptive to such an arrangement. I will not rule out contacting them somewhere down the line. If my first interactions with them were any indication, I know that they will welcome me back with open arms and the interaction would be friendly.

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt like you were underdressed or that you didn’t belong? That’s exactly how I felt the first time I tried Granville Island Tea. The best part is that I brought these concerns to them and their humility made me warm up to the idea that I did belong. I had the right drink tea that seemed classier than anything I had ever tried. I wanted to share this idea with all the other people I knew who drinked tea. I knew that they would want to be a part of this sensation and I was right.

Other reviewers might come out of the woodwork to bog down their audiences with jargon and flowy language to describe the products they’re reviewing. I’m not one of those reviewers. I like to tell people when I have come across a product I think is great. This is one of those times. I guarantee that anyone who makes the decision to try Granville Island Tea would feel the same way. Regardless of how intimidating they might seem, their products are as approachable as anything you will find at your local grocery store.

Cafe Santo Domingo (Dominican Sierra Group) Review

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Finding high quality coffee isn’t hard. Finding high quality coffee that you can get for an affordable price creates its own share of challenges. You have to search far and wide to get your hands on a cup of coffee that tastes great, but won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Some brands of coffee are affordable and some brands of coffee taste great. Tracking down coffee that both tastes great and is affordable is quite the undertaking. When you do find that coffee, you should do everything in your power to keep your hands on it.

Cafe Santo Domingo from Dominican Sierra Group fits the bill and then some. They provide you with the opportunity to stock your cupboard with coffee without effecting your bottom line in any sort of way. People who drink a lot of coffee can relate with the predicament of running out of coffee all the time because they drink more than the coffee they have on hand could handle. Habits cost money. Some coffee drinkers find themselves in a position where they have to ditch their coffee drinking dreams in favor of more high priority expenses. You won’t have to deal with this issue if you go with this brand.

I love drinking coffee. I hadn’t heard about Cafe Santo Domingo before the first time I tried it. As soon as I had it in my hands, I wondered what it was all about. Any time I go into a reviewing session I leave all my expectations at the door. It’s tempting to compare one type of coffee to all the other types of coffee you have tried. You need to avoid this temptation because it will lead to you always chasing the dragon. Each type of coffee brings its own set of strengths to the table. You have to be willing to accept coffee for what it, not what you think it’s going to be.

Cafe Santo Domingo is not a new brand either. They have been doing what they do best since the end of World War II and it shows. Luckily, they treat their customers as well as companies that have only been around for a short time. You will get a high quality cup of coffee and a friendly person on the other end of the phone or email line. This arrangement will keep you coming back time and time again.