Can We Get Rid of Ladder Climbers?

I will never understand why we have to tear each other down. I have worked with people in the past that can best be described as ladder climbers. These individuals will do whatever they can to climb the latter without caring about whose toes they step on along the way. The people in charge are often oblivious to the charms of the ladder climbers because they have been convinced that they can trust them. Ladder climbers are skilled at persuading their supervisors that they’re qualified when really the only skill they have is sabotage.

I am not saying that everyone who has made their way to the top doesn’t deserve it. On the contrary, there are so many great people whose current position in life is based on nothing but their merits. I applaud them. This article is not about them. This article is about the people who act like they’re going to work with you and be your friend when really they would be the first person to put a hose in your mouth if they came across you drowning. Someone needs to come along and flush all these people out of working life.

The worst part about ladder climbers is they’re given practical autonomy over whoever they’re assigned to supervise. It doesn’t matter how often they prove that they’re incompetent. Their bosses will still stand behind them and tell them about the wonderful work they’re doing. We have to come to the realization that everyone is paying the exact same amount of attention, which is absolutely none at all. Each of us works as hard as possible to make it so we can do as little work as possible. Our lives are a breakneck trek towards a reality where we don’t have to do work at all.

Perhaps we need to stop acting as if we’re retired now and resign ourselves to the potentially lengthy working life we have in front of us. Being a boss should not be the start of an effort to delegate every possible duty to anyone other than yourself. It should be an opportunity to impart your wisdom and expertise on people who have less experience than you. Power is quite the drug. Once you start getting steady doses, it’s tempting to let it go to your head. Avoid this temptation and become someone that people will tell their friends about. Become a person that people will want to work for.


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