Bosses Need to be Able to Relate to Their Employees

Why is it that the people who are put in charge of another group of people have no experience doing the tasks they’re supervising? I’ll give you an example. Say that there’s a person who has a lot of business experience, but has accomplished nothing in the creative realm. The people who are in charge of a creative company look at this person, see that they have considerable management experience, and decide that it would be a good idea to put them in charge of their creative team. This manager runs their new team exactly like they did their old team and never attempts to understand the creative process.

A new rule needs to be established where the only people who can be in charge of creative individuals are people with experience in creative pursuits. This rule should be a no brainer, yet it’s something that seems to evade just about every creative company. I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find someone who has leadership skills; however, it’s not impossible to find someone from the ranks of creative people who is capable of leading the pack. You have to be willing to trust your workers, not pigeonhole them into their respective duties.

I have no idea why it’s so difficult for people to see creative individuals as leaders. There’s no law against someone creating new material and leading a team of workers at the same time. That’s another thing that seems to go by the wayside in these situations. Managers of creative people should continue to create themselves. Naturally, their workload would decrease as their management duties become more demanding. They should never be in a position where they’re creating nothing at all. Everyone should do their part to contribute to the overall vision of the company.

I wish bosses could realize the impact they would have if they worked with their employees once in a while doing the same thing they do on a daily basis. Again, I’m not saying all bosses are this way. There are some bosses out there that are the envy of everyone in their industry. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and they remain well liked by their employees. Every industry needs to have more of these bosses. Workers deserve the joy of knowing their boss can relate to them because there was a time when they were doing what they are doing.




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