The Frustrations of Content Creation

There are times when I hate the words I’m putting on the page. I get stuck in such a rut that I ponder putting up my pen and walking away from writing for good. I don’t know why I wind up in these positions, but I do occasionally. I take my writing very seriously and want nothing more than for it to be as good as possible. I look at producing content and producing content I’m happy with as two different things. I am fully capable of delivering material on a daily basis; however, the quality of said material might be questionable every so often.

In my career, I have heard the “quality, not quantity” nonsense more times than I can count. I get it. The fact I understand it should not be seen as permission for you to ram it down my throat yet again. I disagree with the notion that a person who releases a lot of content is jeopardizing quality in the process. On the contrary, prolific content creators deserve just as much as those who release new productions every so often. Taking more time to create something is a state of reality, not a sign that said production is somehow higher in quality.

I like to keep everything in perspective. I want to cover as many topics as possible in my career, so waiting around for a piece to coalesce is not a realistic proposition. Plus, as more editing is performed, the piece in question begins to lose its original uniqueness. I prefer to release a piece as its originally written with any editing being performed along the way. I write like I talk, so every word is precisely chosen and the thoughts are flushed out organically. I will never understand why writers need to edit their stuff for days or create mountains of useless material to cut down later.

If you’re checking in on my progress, please know that I’m not ignoring the topics at hand. I am sitting back trying to come up with creations I’m satisfied with.  I won’t publish something just because it needs to be published. I will only publish pieces that are worth publishing. I read so much material that leaves me wondering if the person who created was proud of what they have done. Creators have the tendency of aligning themselves with people or entities that do not understand the creative process. These alliances lead to forced, haphazard material coming out long before it should.

We have to stop trying to turn creators into something they’re not. The idea of a corporate voice is as absurd of a notion as any that have ever been generated. Why would you hire different creators if you wanted all your creators to sound the same? That idea makes no sense. You should create a website that’s filled with content from unique voices, not another stop where people pull up to read the same cookie cutter garbage everyone is peddling. Clickbait content has turned the internet into a landfill where everything is on fire. The diamonds are hiding under the stacks of burning, filthy debris, but the fact that they’re there does not mean you’re doing anything other than digging through stuff other people threw away.


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