Diana’s Review

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Diana’s out of Sandy, Utah makes high quality chocolate eggs and other kinds of chocolatey treats. I was particularly pleased when I opened one of the little packages they sent me and it had my name in white icing. These little touches are indicative of a business that’s willing to go the extra mile to give their customers the best possible experience. I like that. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to start writing about chocolate. I wanted to profile the companies that approached things the same way someone would if they were making chocolate at home.

I appreciate the contribution of Diana’s to my upcoming holiday. Prior to receiving their package, I had become despondent at the low quality of the merchandise I was finding at the store. I thought that I would have to go through another year of cookie cutter stuff. Why does every holiday have to be the same? Why can’t we break out of the normal and come up with something extraordinary? If the world is full of so many people with so many ideas, why are we filling the pockets of corporations that haven’t had an original thought in years.

We should be able to get everything we want out of our chocolate order. If we’re great, we should expect that our chocolate order is great. It’s that simple.  Life is too short to waste precious moments on bad chocolate. You have reached for the Cadbury’s of the world too much. Who even remembers the companies that make the chocolate bunnies. They just churn out the same nonsense year after year knowing that you will buy it. You should go with a company that cares about their products and you.

You will find that kind of company in Diana’s. They are a small town company that has products that are loaded with charm. You can’t ask for more than that. We should rise up to support companies that are bucking the corporate model. A company is not great because it’s small and independent, but it does have the ability to do more and be better to its customers in this position. Diana’s is awesome because you can talk to everyone who works with them. They will write back to you and give you the attention that you are unlikely to get from one of their competitors.

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