Drink Tanks Review 

Drink Tanks produces drink containers that are capable of withstanding a natural disaster and coming out the other side intact and filled with your favorite hot or cold beverage.

I tested their 64 and 128 ounce models over the course of a few weeks. I put both hot and cold drinks in them and tried to see how long they would last before they would lose their heat or become warm. Let me be the first to tell you that Drink Tanks delivers on everything it claims.

The 128 ounce model is intimidating in its size and the amount of liquid it can hold. I enjoyed taking this behemoth with me when I’d go out and about all day. I was able fill it with more than enough liquid to last me through the day. This thing is so big that it didn’t even move in my car. All I had to do was prop it up against a seat and it didn’t move once.

The 64 ounce model was impressive because it took what’s great about the 128 ounce model and put it in a more portable package. This tankard came in handy on shorter trips to the park or other journeys where space was limited in my car. I plan to make this unit a regular part of my travels.

I have only one complaint about the two tankards from Drink Tanks. The mechanism on the top of each tank is kind of dicey. You have to apply a considerable amount of force to get it to close. As you’re applying this pressure, it feels like the entire apparatus could fall apart at any moment. Plus, you make so much noise trying to get the lid on. 

I can’t complain too much though. Drink Tanks knows what they’re doing. They make great products to help every worldly traveler go forth into the world with their favorite drink in hand. That’s an admirable thing. We all have drinks on which we like to depend in our lives. It’s good to know there’s a company that’s making sure none of us go without.

You could try a million containers from a million companies or you could come to grips with the fact that you need a drink container that’s as tough as you are. Drink Tanks has the containers that will check all the boxes and leave you satisfied in the process.

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