Waggoner’s Chocolates Review


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Waggoner’s Chocolates went big, but I don’t want them to go home. The package they sent was something I could best describe as a treasure chest of coffee. Each piece of chocolate I tried was better than the last. I enjoyed the fact that all of their chocolates were individually wrapped in plastic. I have nothing against chocolates that come in the classic box of chocolates format with the small chocolates sized muffin papers (a long way to describe something for which I don’t know the official name). I just like the way that Waggoner’s decided to package their chocolates.

I almost like it better when a company holds back. It opens the door to future reviews. I am left feeling conflicted because, while I appreciate the generosity Waggoner’s decided to show me, I fear that this might be last time I write about them. I know that I will circle back around to them when they cross my mind later on down the line. I never write a follow-up about a company unless I have something new to cover about them. I enjoy writing about companies as time goes on because my writing ability increases and the thoughts about the world change. Perhaps that will be the way I end up talking about Waggoner’s again.

I don’t like leaving friends out in the cold though. The best scenario for me is that I’m able to follower Waggoner’s progression going forward. Companies release new products all the time. I love to check these products out. It doesn’t matter if companies decide that they want to go with the products they have now. They could just change their logo or adjust the way they decided to represent themselves. I like to follow these changes because the reason why they were made tells a lot about the evolution of an organization.

If you’re looking for a company that’s going to pay special attention to how their products made, presented, and delivered, you should go with Waggoner’s Chocolates. I hate goodbyes, so I think I’m going to leave this one as a “See you later.” Luckily, they sent me a good amount of chocolate, so I don’t have to worry about having to miss them anytime soon. The beauty of companies that make an impresson on me is that the idea of me talking about them again is not a matter of if, but when.


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