Tierra Nueva – Coffee Thins Review


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Who would have thought that you could have chocolate that both tasted great and had a strong coffee flavor at the same time? Tierra Nueva’s line of coffee thins has come around the change the game forever and for the better. I enjoy having their chocolate with a cup of coffee because it does provide a decent boost. I have taken them with me when I go on lengthy trips. They work great as a snack. I appreciate the fact that each of their three chocolate packages doesn’t add a considerable amount to my waistline. The calorie count is low, so I am able to enjoy hearty amounts of their treats.

I never thought that the first company that sent me chocolate would be a company with whom I wanted to be friends. Tierra Nueva fits the bill of a company I want to write and know more about. I want to see what other brands of coffee they turn into delicious chocolates. I want to try those new chocolates and then come on here to tell you all about them. I will continue to envision new ways to push the message of this company and the greatness of their chocolates.

Actual partnerships between chocolate and coffee are rarely without their share of gimmicks. Chocolate flavored coffees taste artificial and do nothing but disappoint. Outside of chocolate covered coffee beans, there’s seldom a variety of chocolate coffee that wows anyone. Tierra Nueva has come out of the woodwork and opened the door for contenders who want to put in the effort to make something worthwhile. I hope to see more great coffee chocolate in the coming years. If not, I’ll be sure to hang my hat on Tierra Nueva.

I grow tired of the chorus of doubters who speak ill of the significance of coffee or chocolate. They wonder why I stress over the minutia of both these seemingly run-of-the-mill products. Perhaps we have entered a time where we have so many things available to us that we have been lulled into a false sense of security. We need to venture outside of our comfort zone and realize the true greatness of the things we love. I love coffee, but I don’t necessarily love chocolate. Here comes Tierra Nueva with their coffee thins to make me love chocolate again by masterfully injecting it with what I love. It’s a game changer.


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