Lang’s Chocolates Review


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Sometimes you come across a company that introduces themselves to you, but they’re a bit shy. They showcase a product or two, but they leave you wanting more. That’s the kind of experience I had with Lang’s Chocolates. They sent me a few packages of their ReoGood Chocolate Covered Oreos. I loved them. I was shocked when I delved deeper into their product catalog and discovered that trying this product was like skimming the surface of what they truly had to offer. I scrolled through countless images of treats I’ve had in the past and loved, but none of them will be profiled here.

I leave the door open for subsequent reviews whenever I decide to profile a company. That’s what I feel is in the cards here. I recognize that some companies are unwilling to give me a second chance for whatever reason. I understand this fully. There are so many tricksters and swindlers out there that it’s no wonder that companies are reluctant to give reviewers the time of day. At the same time, I feel like I am in a different category of reviewers. I do not like to call myself a chocolate blogger or a coffee blogger. I’m a writer. I find things to write about and these reviews are the resulting product.

That being said, I fully recommend Lang’s Chocolates and everything that they offer. I don’t even need to try their full product line (though I would like to) to be able to say that they make top notch stuff. Quality is hard to come by in the chocolate world (trust me, more on that later), so it’s refreshing when I come across a company that’s doing it right in every respect. I admire the honesty they showed me in sending a small sampling of their products. I look at their package as the icebreaker, a beginning to what could be a wonderful relationship.

I never know what to think coming into these reviews. I like to drop all expectations to ensure that my reaction to what I am reviewing is fresh and not obstructed by pretense or misconception. I went into this review having no idea what Lang’s Chocolates was all about. After trying their product, I feel like they should be a more visible entity in their industry. They make wonderful products and deserve far more recognition than what they’re getting.


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