Jean Pierre’s Fine Chocolate and Nuts Review


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I like the product I received from Jean Pierre’s Fine Chocolate and Nuts, but I felt like their website left a lot to be desired. I rummaged through everything on their website. I have never seen a website that had less information to offer its visitors. I understand why this is the case though. You would be surprised at how many websites I come across that tell nothing about the company they’re trying to represent. I believe this issue results from the fact that it’s difficult to populate a website with content that’s worth reading. If you guys want me to write some content for you, I would be willing to do that in a second.

Now, on to their product. The product that I received from JP’s Fine Chocolate was chocolate bars. These bars were interesting because they were chock full of nuts. I know what you’re thinking. Chocolate bars with nuts in them are a dime a dozen. You could go to your grocery store and fill your cart with a hundred types this afternoon. The bars from JP’s Fine Chocolate have several types of nuts in them. The way they assemble the nuts on the bar make all the flavors blend very well with each other. I don’t know what they put on the nuts, but it produces an addictive taste.

Suddenly I am reminded of Johnny Carson and what he used to do at the end of a comedian’s performance. I am not saying that I’m Johnny Carson by any means. For those of you who don’t know, Johnny Carson would call comedians whose performances he enjoyed over to his couch for an interview. I would like to invite JP’s Fine Chocolate over to the couch. I thought that the product they sent me was great and I want to try more.

I plan on storing the chocolate I got from JP’s Fine Chocolate like the apocalypse is coming. There’s nothing worse than finding a product you like only to run out of that product. I don’t want to run out of the bars from JP’s Fine Chocolate. The best thing about freezing chocolate is that it can last for longer. Don’t be surprised if I break off tiny pieces of their bars in the hopes they will go on forever. I know this will be done in vain, but I’m hoping it might work.


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