Clara Cookies Review

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Clara Cookies are good cookies for a good cause. Every cent that comes from their delicious protein cookies goes towards funding adoption grants through an organization called Team Orphans. The owner of this fine establishment does not take a salary. Instead, she devotes all the money that comes in for these cookies to the aforementioned cause. Regardless of the product in question, I feel like Clara Cookies is worth commendation just for what they’re trying to do for these kids. If I could, I would promote them every hour of every day in the hopes that my efforts to tout the merits of their cookies would somehow bring a dollar or two into their coffers.

Out of all their cookies, I think I enjoyed the Double Dark Chocolate Chip with Roasted Almonds the most. I like almonds in anything and the fact that they worked so well with the chocolatey aspects of this creation made the overall experience that much more enjoyable. The Coconut Dark Chocolate Chip variety would be great for someone who has a fondness for coconut. I, unfortunately, am not eager to have too much of this flavor. I had someone who likes coconut try them and they said that they were excellent. It would be wise to offer one cookie with coconut and another without it.

Their Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie fits into the same category as their coconut one. I do not like peanut butter either. After trying them, I could see how someone could like them. I brought in the same person who tried the coconut variety and they gave the same stellar praise. These two types of cookies left me wanting a white chocolate macadamia nut. The Double Dark kind is unique and has a flavor all its own. The other cookies in the product line are more or less derivative of each other.

Another confusing part of Clara Cookies is the repeated mentions of four flavors when all that’s displayed is three options. The box I received only had three flavors in it as well. Giving the customer the option to choose from one of many flavors is beneficial, especially when the intention of the organization is to help with a good cause. These cookies are capable of doing a lot of good for a lot of people. People with dietary restrictions can have a good treat while helping out with an important initiative.


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