On Writer’s Clog and Receiving Credit

I would like to introduce a new term that’s the exact opposite of writer’s block. It’s called writer’s clog. Writer’s clog happens when someone has so much to write about that they don’t know where to get started, so they end up having writer’s block. 

A person might think they have writer’s block when really they’re knee deep in writer’s clog. Getting over writer’s clog involves a process that’s likely familiar to writer’s block sufferers. You pick the first thing that comes to your mind and write about it, even if that thing isn’t at the top of your list of unfinished topics.

Actual writers are unable to turn off their need to write. Anything can inspire them, even if it seems like it’s not inspirational to other people. More time is spent thinking about what’s been or needs to be written than is actually spent writing.

The contributions of creators who’s pieces come as the result of collaboration between a team of skilled writers and editors do not count. I am often outraged at the fact certain writers get praise just because they have a team backing them up. I would never say that a person’s creation is worthless just because they worked with others on it. I am a big proponent of teamwork; however, I believe that everyone should be honest about each person’s contribution and not give one individual the glory.

I believe the only truly great creators are those who have earned their keep by writing and editing their own work. I have done that throughout my career. While I have not reach the level of success that creators with teams enjoy, I am happy because I know that I’m doing what I’m doing on my own terms. No one can take that away from me. I’m also not beholden to anyone who has thrown their hat into the ring.

I often don’t care about getting credit for something I’ve created. That’s not the reason why I create. You could read me something I wrote 5 to 10 years ago and I will think that it was written by someone else. I don’t keep links to stuff I’ve had published and my hard drive is free of clutter from hundreds of Word files.

I release my stuff into the ether and leave it up to those who read it to make of it what they will.


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