Stop Assuming and Start Investigating

Empathy is displayed by few, yet it’s the professed strength of many. We all try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone else. The reality is that, unless we are that person or experience the exact same thing as them firsthand, this exercise is one that’s rife with erroneous speculation. We shouldn’t assume things about what another person has gone through or does on a daily basis. Instead, we should devote our energies to supporting the person about which we’re speculating. The practice of speculating not only wastes time, but it creates a negative cloud over everyone’s heads.
It’s baffling to me that we would rather waste our time continuing to fear that about which we know nothing than filling the holes in our knowledge.

As a writer, I come face to face with misconceptions all the time. People wonder why it takes me as long as it does to complete a piece. I tell them that quality content doesn’t come easy. You have to work at it. Sometimes one approach doesn’t work so you have to scrap everything and start over. So many things can happen that leave a piece dead on arrival.

I’ve heard so many times that writing isn’t about creating. It’s about cutting. You’re supposed to write two or three times as much as you need. I fail to see how devoting so much energy to creating material you will never use is worthwhile. A baker doesn’t whip up more batter than they need. A construction worker doesn’t cut more wood than they need. Why then does a writer write more words than they could ever use? It’s absolute nonsense to me.

We have this magical filtering apparatus known as the human brain. We do not have to put words on the page unless they belong there. The writers who tout the wonders of this approach likely do it because they want to toot their own horns. They want people to bow at their feet, spreading word of their brilliance to the masses.

We need to stop assuming the worst in each other and start trying to make our fellow man better. When you enact some vicious plan to destroy someone else, you will destroy yourself in the process. Perhaps if we work together to improve humanity, we will be able to accomplish everything we have on our bucket list and stuff we could have never dreamed of doing.


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