Welcome to the Americana Section

My obsession about all forms of Americana baffles my loved ones. I am infatuated with things that were once here and are now gone. This is especially true for thriving, sprawling empires that crumbled into dust, leaving nothing but crumbs where monoliths once stood. There’s a massive difference between what exists and what is no longer amongst us. We love the things that are here because they are here. We can put our hands on them and visit them whenever we want. It’s when they stop being present that they begin to slip into the cavernous abyss known as our memory.

The purpose of this series is to analyze all things Americana. I will focus a lot on relics of the past, but I will also dig into the history of the things we know and love and take for granted. I don’t know if you will find my musings about the world around us intriguing. I am more or less doing it for my own entertainment. At the same time, I’m often frustrated at the fact that I am unable to satisfy my curiosity when searching for information on topics that interest me. I want to fill in all the gaps because I know I am not the only one who wants to know.

You would be surprised at how many stories are out there waiting to be told. Talking about these things on the internet is intriguing. The internet has not been around forever, though it might seem like it has. That being said, there are things that became a thing of the past long before the internet latched itself on to our daily lives. Some of their stories have been told. These are the stories with sources that already exist online. Other stories remain abandoned because the information needed to tell them is not easily accessible.

I want to see where this category goes. I know there are a few topics that will branch out into categories of their own. I will cover them later on. I like to look at each topic I write about as an individual journey. Some journeys are long and others are short. I will follow every journey through to its destination. If I have to venture into the great unknown all by myself, I am fully willing to carry the torch. I hope you will join me. We can learn a thing or two together.


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