Breathing Fire About Coffee Grinders

My coffee grinder died and it has made me incredibly unhappy with coffee grinders in general. How is it that we have been grinding and consuming coffee for so long and we still haven’t come up with an affordable grinder that pulls its weight? I have already gone over the fact that this project has no funding. Taking this into consideration, the loss of a grinder is that much more devastating. Naturally, as a coffee reviewer, I have to grind a lot of coffee for the sake of my reviews. I need a coffee grinder that’s going to keep up with me.

The grinder on which I used to depend is unable to go the distance. The other day I was grinding away and it suddenly stopped its cycle shortly after it began. I cleaned all the gunk out of it and meticulously made sure every part was spotless. Nothing. The thing bit the dust two months after I got it out of the box. I almost threw the thing out of the window in frustration. My grinder was a black Burr grinder from Mr. Coffee. I had dealt with a blade grinder in the past and the results were less than impressive.

I was ecstatic when I finally got a Burr grinder for Christmas. I went to work and the coffee that came from the grinder assisted in the formulation of many reviews. I loved my grinder. Now it’s dead. I know there are many other grinders on the market. Burr grinders especially. I plan to reach out to the manufacturers of each of those grinders to see if they would be interested in helping me out of my predicament. I picked up another Mr. Coffee grinder, but I’m almost afraid to open it for fear for it dying when I need it the most.

I’ve thought long and hard about starting some sort of project that aims at creating the perfect coffee grinder. A grinder that’s silent and you can completely disassemble it to clean it while also being able to reassemble it without having to have an engineering degree. I shouldn’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get an industrial strength grinder. The grinder I have should step up and do what I need it to do. After surveying the landscape, I feel like we the coffee drinkers deserve better from our grinders. Perhaps one day we’ll get what we need.


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