Bones Coffee Company Preview

I had never heard of Bones Coffee Company until I sought out coffee pictures to post on my Instagram. I thought their packages were cool, so I made it a point to include them. This post is the only one from a company I haven’t contacted or written about previously. I did finally reach out to them and the results were underwhelming. They didn’t write me back. This is okay. If I had a nickel for every time a company didn’t write me back, I’d be able to start my own coffee company.

But I digress. Art in the coffee world is such an underrated thing. I don’t fault companies who dump their beans in a generic sack as long as the product is good. I’ve had coffee from companies that go all out on the art, but leave a lot to be desired with the beans. Art is supposed to dress up something that’s already beautiful, not distract people from corners that have been cut.

I’m not saying that the beautiful art on the bags of coffee from Bones Coffee Company is a distraction. I have never tried their coffee. Considering the loyal following they have garnered thus far, I would assume that they produce great products. This post is one of hopefully many more in the future.

What I do know is that Bones Coffee Company has an interesting assortment of coffee types. They offer regular beans as well as more flavorful varieties. I don’t like flavored coffee, but I’m open to kinds I have yet to try. That’s the most important thing about this project. I found myself stuck in a rut. One cannot expect to escape the ruts in which they are stuck unless they go forth and make changes.

I want Bones Coffee Company in my life. If packaging is supposed to intrigue people, color me intrigued. Since I posted a picture of one of their bags, I’ve visited their website a number of times. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not just a coffee drinker. I’m a coffee fanatic. I don’t follow coffee companies. I obsess about them.


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