Breathing Fire About Being “Too Critical”

I’m a coffee critic and I recently got criticized for being to critical. Imagine that.

After I published the Beans & Brews review, I received an email that berated me for writing something negative.

I don’t like being negative in my writing. I am a friend of coffee companies and the criticism I give them should be seen as well intentioned and constructive. I’ve spoken out in the past about review aggregators like Yelp and Facebook and the unfortunate nature of their destructive powers.

Every aspect of a business is open for criticism. The way the criticism is written makes all the difference. I refuse to write a review when I’m in an overly emotional state. Emotion clouds judgment and gives writing an edge that overshadows the intent of the writer. I do, however, write down the facts. Once my emotions subside, I go to work getting the facts down on the page.

The fact that harsh truths are harsh doesn’t make them any less true. I said some harsh things about Beans & Brews. None of them were false though. They were just harsh.

My harshness towards Beans & Brews (and any other company for that matter) stems from disappointment. I believed in Beans & Brews so much and they let me down. I thought they were the opposite of Starbucks when really they’re no different and perhaps worse.

I will write harshly about a company if they’re deserving of criticism. I will never be harsh for the sake of being harsh. So many creators are harsh because they want to draw attention to themselves. Every word they write screams “LOOK AT ME AND HOW SHOCKING I AM!” I am not one of those creators.

I will tell it to you straight. There’s no agenda here. All my words are as real as it gets. You won’t see me getting paid off. My integrity is not for sale. I understand the consequences behind being harsh. I accept them and will never try to dodge being held accountable.

I plan on writing more about Beans & Brews. I’m waiting for my thoughts on the matter to go from being emotional to analytical. I don’t want to be the guy who shoots off at the mouth and regrets it later. I want you to be able to trust my words, even if they have a critical edge to them.


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