Full Disclosure on Receipt of Complimentary Products 

Although I have written about it a couple of times and I am not shy about mentioning it in reviews, an email I received made me want to spell it out in black and white, leaving no doubt and creating something to which I can link in every article going forward.

By “it” I mean the fact that all products I review are sent to me at no charge.

I repeat. I request and receive complimentary products, promising I will review them. It’s not a big deal and here’s why.

There have been times where I have requested a product and the company asks me if they’re going to get a positive review out of the arrangement. The answer is and always will be no.

You can trust that if I give a product a good review, it’s a good product. Sometimes I feel beholden to these companies because they have sent me products.

I’ve written reviews that were pandering. I did this out of trying to maintain a relationship with the companies in question. That’s where the Beans & Brews review came from. I thought a lot about what I wrote about them. The more I thought about that review, the less I liked it.

I will never delete a review. All reviews are a direct reflection of the time in which they were written. I’m not about to let hindsight cloud my judgment. The review was right at the time and I will leave it at that.

I ask for complimentary products for many reasons. The biggest one being the fact that this project is a passion project that does not earn any money. I cannot let my passion project negatively impact the rest of my life. I will happily buy the products in question when this project becomes self sustaining. I have to find a fundraising method I’m comfortable with first.

Reviewing products I’ve purchased will be difficult. I have a different opinion of products I’ve paid for, especially if those products cost a lot of money. If the price tag is high, I’ll already have a negative opinion of the products before I’ve tried them. That’s not right. I want these reviews to be about the products themselves, not my fussiness over price tags.

As grievances arise, I will address them. Let me know if this entry missed anything. I’m happy to write a sequel to it.


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