Enjoying Your Coffee Your Way

The experience a person has in a coffee shop is much different than the one they have at home. A coffee shop makes their coffee how they want. Their customers have no control over the strength of the coffee they’re being served.

They can increase the amount of espresso shots and choose from a variety of other customization options; however, the power ultimately rests in the hands of the coffee shop.

Coffee drinkers go to shops because they don’t have the same equipment or flavorings. Acquiring these implements requires a considerable amount of physical space and capital. Not everyone is willing to make this kind of investment.

The reality is that getting all the stuff needed to fashion your own coffee shop doesn’t cost that much when you think about the uses you will get out of it.

Buying coffee from a coffee shop is a one time thing. You pay for a certain amount of coffee and that’s all you get. When you throw away your cup, you throw away the only physical manifestation of the money you spent.

Those who frequent coffee shops need to come to the realization that their time would better be spent making their coffee at home. It’s almost like they continue to go to coffee shops because they want to stave off the ultimate realization that they have become a coffee person.

There’s nothing wrong with going to a coffee shop a lot. I would do it if I had the money. It’s a problem when you go to the coffee shop so much that it begins to impact your bank account in a negative way. Anything in this world that’s worth enjoying should be enjoyed responsibly. You have to find a way to continue to have the thing you love be a part of your existence without it wrecking the other parts of your life.

Find a coffee shop that you love. Go to it whenever you can. If you run into money troubles, get a cheap drip brewer and some bargain basement grounds. Those who find something they love will let nothing stand in their way of getting it.

Do not limit yourself to one or two shops. Go to a different one every time. You would be surprised at how many options you have in your local area. There are so many different ways you can go about enjoying your coffee.


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