The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company (Simple Industries) Review

The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company, a subsidiary of Simple Industries, is worth its weight in gold for the simple fact that they crossed a major item off my coffee bucket list. When I surveyed the coffee landscape, I noticed that I needed to get my hands on some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I also knew of the importance of Kona coffee, but that was a surprisingly easy item to put in my rearview. I requested Jamaican coffee from several companies with very little luck. These requests spread out over the course of years. It wasn’t until Simple Industries stepped up to the plate that I was able to finally cross this item off.

I got the product and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. My disappointment had nothing to do with Simple Industries. Their product is top of the line and would be the envy of any other organization. My disappointment resulted from years of building up Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee until it became more of a concept than what I could actually obtain. This realization changed how I will look at coffee going forward. I will no longer make it out to be what I imagine it to be. I will appreciate it as it is.

I enjoyed every bean I received in the cleverly wrapped bags emblazoned with their logo. I often hate the coffees I enjoy the most because they are gone the fastest, leaving me with empty bags and dreams of what has passed me by. I recognize that obtaining this coffee in particular is more difficult than buying beans from a company in the United States. They ship their coffee to anywhere in this country; however, the cost is more than the average person might be able to afford. The product is high quality and tastes better than most coffees I have come across.

I encourage people who want to make an investment in the coffee they drink to buy coffee from Simple Industries and their Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company brand. This coffee is one of the more premium brands. The return people get on their investment is more than worth what they have to pay in the purchase price. Their product is fantastic; however, it’s the only thing they offer. Their straightforward operations are deserving of the ultimate respect. I feel like their company could use a bit more flash to take it to the next level.


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