Brew A Cup Coffee Co Review 

Brew A Cup Coffee Co is a company that specializes in providing k-cup varieties that can’t be found in stores.

I admire the fact that they founded their company in response to the frustration they felt when they went to the store looking for k-cups and only came across the same few brands.

I haven’t experienced similar circumstances. All of my local stores stocks many different varieties of k-cups; however, they’re essentially the same product over and over. The only thing that changes is the packaging that’s used. Rarely do I find a product that attempts anything remote resembling a unique flavor.

I applaud Brew A Cup Coffee Co for featuring Brooklyn Bean Roastery in their inventory. They’re a personal favorite of mine and well deserving of being featured among the best of the best in the world of single serve coffee. I just know that if Brew A Cup Coffee wants to get involved with other Two Rivers Coffee brands, they can expand their repertoire even further.

Once Keurig ditches their DRM nonsense, the k-cup market will be open to innovation and creativity again. No longer will companies like Brew A Cup Coffee Co have to stick with brands that are beholden to an unnecessary licensing agreement. They will be given the opportunity to work directly with roasters, creating unique k-cups in the process.

I had the chance to try a sampling of several brands that Brew A Cup Coffee Co. I enjoyed each and every one of them. Unfortunately, just as with other sampler packs, I found myself wanting more. I couldn’t help it. It’s like when someone gives you a taste of some cake and you love it. Are you going to accept getting that one taste or will you yearn for the whole thing?

Again, I don’t fault Brew A Cup Coffee Co for sending me a sampler. I’m a stranger. I love what they’re doing and want to see more.

I would also like to offer my help to further enhance any potential partnership between Brew A Cup Coffee Co and Two Rivers Coffee. I’m not aware of Two Rivers having a presence in Canada. I’m sure I’m mistaken on that though.

What I do know is Brew A Cup Coffee Co is a small company that needs to be much larger. More companies need to advocate for k-cup drinkers like this one does. The average coffee drinker deserves more single serve choices, not less.


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