Aiming for the World Stage

I have had zero luck effectively communicating with companies outside of the United States and Canada. I received one sample from the United Kingdom, but it came after three years of being ignored. I’ve decided that this discrepancy is the result of the lack of content I’ve written about the international coffee scene. I need to fix that because the world of coffee is more dynamic than many people realize. I am doing a disservice to people from other countries by choosing to focus only on what’s available in my backyard and from our neighbors to the north.

I don’t even feel like I have adequately given Canada the coverage it deserves. After all, roughly 22% of that country speaks French, a language of which I haven’t written a single word. I would love to produce articles in French and many other languages. I plan on starting an international version of this blog for that purpose. The content from the international version would be shared through the same channels and linked on this blog. Having two versions is done to prevent confusion. Plus, considering my inexperience with writing in foreign languages, I would not want to showcase content that’s considerably worse than my usual faire.

When I envisioned this project, I wanted to cover everything having to deal with coffee. This vision wasn’t limited to geographic region. Coffee doesn’t have borders. Neither should my content. I doubt this change will be graceful, but I will do my best to make it as smooth as possible. I’m open to any feedback no matter how brutal. Just know that any mistakes are not intentional. I’m fully willing to implement any recommendations, including the suspension or termination of the international version. While I will never compromise the integrity of my message, I will work to ensure it’s properly delivered.

Coffee is a complex matter that has never been covered as deeply as I plan to cover it. People have done considerable work on this topic; however, much of their content has a repetitive, arrogant feel to it. You will never get that on this blog. I aim to throw open the doors and shed light on things that have long since been shrouded in jargon.

I might not present things the way my competitors do. That’s fine. They are who they are and I am who I am. I would never tell them how to continue their journey and I hope they will show me the same respect.


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