Breathing Fire About Writer’s Block

Sometimes when I sit down to write something the only thing that comes out is the written equivalent of a long fart at the worst possible time. I used to take that as a sign that I wasn’t going to write anything that day. Now I see it as my brain delivering a message to my fingertips in the most unconventional way. Instead of leaving this written flatulence disappear into the ether, I want to try and get it on the page without having be as nonsensical as it seems in my head.

Writer’s block is a state of being that persists because weak writers let it persist. If you honestly can’t find anything to talk about, this is not the outlet for you. Don’t force nonsense into the discussion just because you want to make yourself heard. That’s what children do when no one is paying attention to them.

Content creators are the ones to determine whether they have a point and if it’s worth expressing. Not everyone will feel the same way they do. Interpretation allows the person who’s consuming the content to determine if it has a point.

We have to recognize that there are people out there creating content for all the wrong reasons. They know they don’t have a point, but feel the need to make one anyway. These people should make way for creators who have more honest intentions.

The internet has made it much easier for pretend creators to make a name for themselves. They’re able to be whatever their ideal audience wants them to be and cultivate a following under false pretenses. Previous eras might not have had the highest level of inclusivity; however, there was a time when checks were in place to keep fools from tainting the narrative. Putting control into the hands of creators is good. Not every creator can be trusted with that power though.

I believe that we should all create what we want to create and ensure that all phony creators have zero shot at an audience of any meaningful size.

The responsibility of policing content on the internet falls on the shoulders of those who consume it. A lot of creators will continue to create poisonous content because it’s popular. You don’t keep eating your dinner when you realize part of it is moldy. Why do you keep consuming content after you realize it’s terrible?


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