Breathing Fire About Fake Humility

There’s nothing worse to me than someone who has done good and wants to continue to rub it in everyone’s face and use it as a means to act as if they’re superior to everyone else.

Doing good is meaningless if you do it for all the wrong reasons. If you help others to help yourself, you’re the worst kind of person. You need to re-evaluate your priorities and recommit yourself to your mission or get out of the way of those actually trying to make a difference.

Everyone who wants to do good should have the opportunity to do so. The problem is that the fake humility paddlers are sucking up all the open spots. Admitting that your heart isn’t in something is a sign of character. You’re being true to yourself and the people you pretended to help.

We all need to stop trying to prove that we’re good people and start actually being good. You can’t just do good things and talk about making a difference. You have to be good at heart.

Whether we want to admit it or not, someone’s intention matters. A person has to have good intentions. Intending to enrich yourself at the expense of others is not good.

We are often blinded by accomplishments, seeing them more as blips in a long, eventful life. I’ve accomplished things in my day, but you will never have to worry about me boring you will retellings of days gone by. That’s selfish on my part. I live the good moments as they happen, refusing to wallow in the lows and bask in the highs.

Life is but a never ending series of peaks and valleys. Don’t get to a peak and coast as if that’s the loftiest peak you will ever reach. The same goes for valleys. Don’t stay in a valley, acting as if you will never get out of it. This ride is what you make of it while you have the chance.

You’re not finished until you say you’re finished. You will never peak or become washed up. Other people might want to lump you into categories or put you into boxes. Break out of their molds. Refuse to let those who attempt to bring you down control your destiny.

I am not the best person. I do know that I’m the best version of myself. I will keep being nothing but that.


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