Westrock Coffee Company Review 

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To say that Westrock Coffee Company is excellent would be an insult because they are so much more than that.

I used the coffee they sent me to make a giant jug of cold brew. It was my first experience with making coffee this way, so I didn’t know how it would turn out.

I picked up a big orange bucket from my local home improvement warehouse and poured five pounds of Westrock Coffee into cheese cloth. I attempted to fashion the cheese cloth into a tea bag, tying the top with some string.

When it came time for me to put the cold brew concoction into jugs, I discovered that the makeshift tea bag didn’t work. A lot of grounds seeped into the water. This issue had nothing to do with the Westrock Coffee grounds. It was more the result of my inexperience with the technique. If I had used a coarser ground, nothing would have happened.

The resulting cold brew rivaled anything I had sampled previously. That’s saying something considering that Westrock Coffee has not entered into the cold brew market yet. Other coffee companies fail to produce blends capable of replicating the same bold flavor that’s found in the best cold brews. Westrock Coffee is not one of them.

I also got some k-cups from Westrock Coffee and they were similarly great. I’ve complained about k-cups in the past and how it’s so difficult to get a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste weak or stale. This was not an issue that I had with this coffee. These k-cups were some of the best I had ever had and I’ve had a lot.

Due to the size of the contribution from Westrock Coffee, I’m not sure if there’s any new stones to be unturned with them. All I know is I like their coffee and the people who work for them, which is the ultimate combination. Even if I don’t get any additional products from them, I’m positive I will talk about this company again. It’s hard not to when you have had the chance to try a cup of coffee that sticks with you.

In a coffee drinker’s life, coffee comes and goes. The stories and feelings experience when drinking coffee are what sticks around. I felt all sorts of things when I drank java from Westrock Coffee Company. I would jump at the chance to feel those things again some day.


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