Two Rivers Coffee Review

My history with Two Rivers Coffee started when I put coffee on my wish list one Christmas. I got a variety pack of their k-cups and fell in love with their brand from the start. When my coffee blog started going again, I knew I had to reach out to them. I didn’t know how to get in touch with them because I was confronted with a confusing predicament regarding their brand name. The name on the box I received was Brooklyn Bean Roastery, but when I searched for it, I found Two Rivers Coffee. I wrote an article that outlined this issue and submitted it using the contact information I found for both entities.

To my surprise, Two Rivers Coffee is the parent company and Brooklyn Bean Coffee Roastery is one of their brand names. They liked my review and we were off to the races.  The box they sent me included more from their Brooklyn Bean Roastery along with Workaholics Coffee, Java Factory Coffee Roasters, and Select by Trump (we’ll get to that later). Left off the list was Felix & Horton and Friendly’s, two coffee lines based on various sweet treat flavorings, and Hamilton Mills Coffee, a line that seems like the coastal equivalent of their Brooklyn Bean repertoire.

Their tea lines are begging for coverage on this blog. Although there aren’t many tea articles on this blog right now, I have many coming in the pipeline. I am interested in all their products because they have been impressive so far. When a company hits every mark, I become a fan who wants to follow them wherever they go.

Coffee is an art form when it’s done correctly. The companies that achieve this objective need to revered and the subject of deep study. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee drinker or producer. You could learn a lot from companies that do it well.

The k-cup market is packed with companies who mass produced the weakest, most stale tasting coffee imaginable. This swill is enough to make the owners of Keurig machines question why they decided to brew their coffee this way. Two Rivers Coffee comes to the rescue with coffee that tastes identical to how it would if you brewed it the old-fashioned way. You will have to restrain yourself because you will find this coffee as addictive as it is flavorful. I can attest to this feeling. It’s the one I have every time I think about these delicious brews.                  


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