Breathing Fire About Arrogant Creators

Sometimes you try to make a point only to realize that not only were you mistaken, but it was an error to even think it, let alone present it in a public forum.

I find myself in that position more often than I care to admit. This comes as the result of all my writing being very organic and in the moment. I do some editing; however, I don’t like to edit something until it’s incomprehensible.

I feel like everything I read on the internet sounds like it’s written by the same person. I think it comes when a writer finds an article that has a lot of hits and then rips off everything about it in the hopes that they can get the same attention. Anyone who uses this approach is a fraud and does not deserve the chance to have any audience in any medium. If your creations are the watered down versions of another person’s work, you might as well give that person credit. As the imitator, you don’t deserve any recognition for your reproductions. You deserve to be banished for taking advantage of the art form you claimed to love.

I am often in awe of the arrogance of some creators. They see the act of creating as reason for them to be held above people who don’t create. It’s especially bad when it comes to more popular content producers. A person who creates something is no better than the audience for which that creation is intended. We all shuffle off this mortal coil eventually. There will come a time where what we’re doing will not matter.

I’m not saying creating is pointless. Creativity is beautiful. What stems from it is truly awe inspiring. That being said, being anything other than a humble creator is heinous. The people who use their creations to claim power over anyone else need to keep everything in perspective.

Success is a fleeting thing. You must never forget where you came from or the people who made you a success. You never know when the door will close and the light will be turned out. When that time comes, are you going to have the same people around you who were there at the start or will you be sitting in the dark wishing you had done things differently? Answer that question honestly to yourself and make changes while you still can.


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