Organo Gold: Coffee’s Foremost Pyramid Scheme

In my travels, I have come around Organo Gold quite often. I once contacted someone who was attached to this brand and they sent me the smallest sample I have ever seen in my life. This isn’t me being picky either. This sample wasn’t even big enough to make a single pot of coffee, let alone big enough to adequately test. I added the sample to another set of grounds that were completely unremarkable in flavor. I could not taste the Organo Gold in any part of the process. This confused me because of the coverage this brand gets on social media.

Organo Gold is proof positive that not all publicity is good publicity. Some of the pages that have this brand attached to them are disasters in every sense of the word. They scream spam and should send people running for the hills, not towards the Buy Now button. Yet, it seems like more pages pop up with each passing day. Now the people who are tasked to sell this swill are using deceptive tactics to hide the fact that they are selling it. Normally I say that people should dig beneath the surface to find obscure coffee companies that are worth considering. This sentiment does not apply to Organo Gold.

Perhaps my experience with this brand is clouding my judgment. I always eagerly look forward to the moment when I’m proven wrong. I will reach out to the corporate side of Organo Gold, if such an entity exists, and see if they are willing to enlighten me on why I should not warn the public about what they’re doing. If I am to go off appearances alone, I would say Organo Gold is a pyramid scheme. The product itself is unremarkable; therefore, they need to resort to suspicious multilevel marketing tactics to push it on the public.

Don’t think that I’m being too harsh here either. Search for Organo Gold on Facebook. The results you will get back will look like the who’s who of spammer scammers on social media. You should never trust a company whose web presence is so fractured and nonsensical. A great coffee company needs to have a person you can contact when you have a problem. Dealing with a middleman is one of the most frustrating things imaginable. There needs to be a streamlined line of communication to eliminate these sorts of problems. The producer of your coffee should be an entity you can trust.


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