Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC AGAIN

Fresh Roasted Coffee is a company I like to revisit from time to time. During my first interaction with them, things kind of went off the rails. They sent me some of their best and boldest. I took longer to review their products than I probably should have. I finally produced something about which I was happy. I sent it to them because I felt like they were owed that consideration. I received no reply, making me think that was the end of that chapter. Shortly after that time, I stopped writing about coffee; however, I never stopped trying to make amends with them.

Upon restarting my journey into the world of coffee, I wrote another article detailing what had transpired. I published the new article along with the original review, which had gone unpublished since it’s completion. I wrote to Fresh Roasted Coffee in the hopes that this overt gesture would make a difference. It didn’t. After additional attempts to make contact, I got on the phone and decided it was time to call them. I normally don’t contact companies this way. I made an exception here because I wanted to have more of this company in my life.

The conversation that transpired was awkward, but not entirely unpleasant. The individual I spoke to remembered me. His memories were not positive. I outlined the misunderstanding that was afoot. It seemed like they were coming over to my side. We ended the conversation on an amicable note. They said that they would think about working with me further. I emailed them links to my post as promised. I received no reply. I made no subsequent attempts to contact them via email or otherwise. I still can’t help but feel like there’s some unfinished business here.

I’m a person who likes to write about a topic until there’s nothing left to say. This is one of those topics. I want to cover every company comprehensively. I recognize the companies that are evolving with each passing day. I want to be part of their evolution. My content reflects what a company is doing during the time in which it’s written. It loses its relevance as time goes on. I do my best to write the most timely content possible. In doing so, I unconsciously embed it with an expiration date. My review of Fresh Roasted Coffee has expired. I want to write a new one.


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