Facebook Needs to Fix Itself

Facebook needs to do more to separate permanently closed businesses from the search results you get when you look for certain companies. Any time a user searches for a business they should only get the most relevant results. Why would they want to contact a business that has been closed for a long time? The ineffective nature of the Places search engine on Facebook makes me think that Facebook doesn’t want you to find businesses on their platform. I can see no other reason why Facebook would they go out of their way to deliver such an ineffective mechanism to the public.

I’m left completely stunned by companies that have all the expertise and financial resources in the world and still produce a product that’s a disaster. The popularity of a product is no excuse for its awe inspiring lack of quality. Saying that if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t use it is a foolish notion. When you’re dealing with a product that has such a monopoly over the marketplace, you have no choice but to use it. People are slowly falling away from Facebook, choosing to go with other resources or simply take the hit and not find a replacement.

Not enough people have left Facebook to make leaving it once and for all a worthwhile conclusion. We should not let our service providers get away with such blatant incompetence. We should bang on their doors until they make the changes needed to make using their product enjoyable. A company should not be able to use their size and prominence as a means to excuse their disregard for the quality of their product. Every organization should act no differently than they did when they first opened their doors. Losing sight of this perspective should be seen as a sign of a company’s upcoming obsolescence, not a permitted part of their life cycle.

I would love it if I could depend on Google as a means to locate the companies I’m trying to find. I have had some luck with this approach; however, the businesses are not stored into convenient categories. I am forced to bring them to the surface. This fact seems like a point about which I should not complain because of its low level of difficulty. In reality, searching for businesses is something that should be made simpler and more efficient rather than turned into a convoluted mess.


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